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Originally posted by Mark Herschberg:
I totally missed that first part, good leader in programming. Good leader in programming != good at programming.

Weeell, I mostly meant good at programming. I remember I met a project leader for software, she just made sure that the project goes successfully, none of that techie stuff. But I would like to be a good leader/programmer. Where I would be like a senior programmer. I'd write programs and clear everyone else's. Like a senior editor for newspapers.

I'm getting boggled up by what you guys have said, I'm going to reread this thread several times and jot down what I should do next!

"That's the question you need to ask. Why didn't he learning anything, and how might you experience be similar or different."
I shunned that question, but mainly because I wasn't talking derectly to him, but one of his siblings. I'll add that to me list

"Does your school or school district offer the Computer Science A and AB Advanced Placement exams (or classes)?"
I really really really like that question, I'll ask my computer teacher when school starts! 11 more days. This goes to my list too

"What is the speciality of programming you want to pursue?"
I've been thinking strongly on web design & windows programming. I LOVE windows programming, mainly because I was in C#, and it was so easy to put things on the form. Then I went to Java, that was a little more complex with the layout managers, but still pretty cool. Then I went to C++, and it was so cool because it was so hard! I still haven't even added a button yet and I still love it. I love web design because I love PHP & mySQL. Please note I am not that experienced lol. But I have a notes website that I keep to myself that I use that goes reeaaally fast with phpmyadmin. This also goes on my list

I really like Blizzard's website, especially the map, where you get to move your mouse over the world in "World of WarCraft", that is so cool. It took me hours to get my own going, but it was definitely worth it, and it was cool.

So I'd say C++, C#, PHP, Java, anything. Though I'm not truly that experienced at any of them. 1-10 I'd say 3 lol.

"What industry do you want to work in?" Any is fine. Finance, gaming, 3D, photography, all is good. And I'll add this to my list as well

"good luck to you." -HaoZhe XU
Good luck to you too

I'm going to think about this th
16 years ago
Alright I'm back

I talked to my friend's brother--he went to OSU. And well, he quit after his first year, his reason? Because he didn't learn anything new! Wouldn't that be scary if you didn't learn anything new in your major?

Should I just go anyways? Even if I don't learn that much from my computer science major classes?
16 years ago
conn = DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:mysql://host/dbName?user=me&password=pass");

HUGE security risk! I could download that applet, use a special program, and uhh yeah you know what I mean. You should only use server-side scripting if you're going to use a database from your webserver.
16 years ago
I think it's impossible for any window to be 1x1 pixel
But just to make sure I put 1x1.
I don't believe that is possible, but what you CAN do is this:

Now this works on IE, but you can't trick'em all!
Aww I had to restart this post

This works for me, try this:
Hey prasath! How are you?

The answer to your question is that it's because the String is at the top of the inheritance tree. It's like this:

--String(implements Object)

So the method that takes the String gets called.

If you want to call the public SpecificMethodExample(Object obj) method, try going like this:

If for some reason you're doing this:

Then if you need to pass null to either one, ESPECIALLY since there is no inheritance between either one, you'd go like this:

So it all comes down to casting the null to whatever constructor you want Have a nice day
[ August 11, 2004: Message edited by: Jack Kay ]
16 years ago
Hey! I really like this college so far:

As far as I knowing where I want to go, I understand what yall mean, and I really like your technique fred with taking all of those beginner classes. But I definitely won't be taking Chemistry 101 (AP Chemistry is so complex!).

Yet the paths to college are so plentiful, I was thinking about these paths:
Air Force ROTC Scholarship (4 years at a good college) --> Air Force officer for 4 years --> A really nice job.
Army 3 years with college --> full-time college --> A really nice job
Marines reserve & college --> A really nice job

Any advice on these paths?
[ August 09, 2004: Message edited by: Jack Kay ]
16 years ago

Originally posted by Julian Kennedy:
If you don't want to use a JVM, why not turn to the dark side and use C#?

Well I guess that makes me Darth Vader lol, or that that guy with spikes coming out of his head, that would be interesting...

But as you were saying Michal, I believe that *.exe is the way to go. Then you could have 3 versions of the same program, except for different operating systems. Like, you could build the Java program (.class), and then use a cool program that instantly converts that into 3 different executables for every operating system you want it to run on!

Because I like *.exe better than *.class because people always have problems with using the command prompt to launch my programs that I've created.
16 years ago
This works a whole lot better:
That works perfect, thank you! I was looking at classpath myself and I couldn't get it to work, I thought it had to do with finding classes within JAR files lol. Thanks again!
16 years ago
I never thought of it like that. I thought well-roundedness was all about being socially accepted lol, but I see what you mean, I'll give OSU another shot, thank you Mark
16 years ago
Well yeah, but I still need to know how to hardcode an address so I can finish this C# program that opens class files for me. And once that is complete, I'm going to make millions!?!!!
[ August 08, 2004: Message edited by: Jack Kay ]
16 years ago
*shoots self in face*
This doesn't make any sense:

16 years ago