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Recent posts by SaiRam NageshKumar

Dear Tony,
I would like to know that, how the threads(processes) are able to communicate ultimately with the threads and whether th monitor will also be acting as an object and etc.,
Respond soon!
Sai Ram
Dear all,
How the threads are handled with monitor?
Awaiting the responses!
Sai ram
There is no problem to use inner class as an abstrat class but the rules applicable to the abstract class applies the same to it. Try it now!

Originally posted by satyavani:
Thanks jim and suma. and one more question:
can an inner class be an abstract class?

I jsut need to communicate with an applet having text field with an external application program in Java. First is it possible? If so how? (Also note that, I don't know and have the class file at all).
Is there any possiblity in Java that to interact with the Monitor by an application program by using any special API?
Thanks for responding and wish the clarificatrion soon.
Thanks alot!
With regds,
Sai Ram.
24 years ago
Dear remote java friends,
I just wank to know the clear-cut idea about the exact differences between abstract and interface in declaring and the imlementation as well.
Plase make a comprehencive discussion regarding this.
I know something like :
1. Classes extend abstract class whereas classes implements interface.
2. Instance variables are constants(static) and public in interface whereas not in abstract.
3. Abstract class may or may not have the abstract methods but all the methods in the interface are abstract. As well as if any class has abstract methods must be declared as abstract
4. Interface is public by default but abstract is not.
5. Multiple inheritance is possible with the abstract but single with the interface.
6. Abstract classes can not be instantiated, ofcourse interface is the same. ******
If any thing more specific please let me know to gain more about those.
Thanks in advance to all!
Sai Ram.
Suppose a method myMethod() is there its return type is not void but any thing else. But the restriction is it has no return statement at all.

now I want this method is called from another method or class or from a main() block.
I hope this time its clear!
Your answer to the first q is not been cleared. Please let me know in detail.
Sai Ram.
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[This message has been edited by SaiRam NageshKumar (edited April 20, 2000).]
[This message has been edited by SaiRam NageshKumar (edited April 20, 2000).]
1. How we can call a constructor of an abstract class (also from its inherited class)?
2. How can we get a value of a method of a class(any type) in return using NO return statement in that particular method?
Please help in this regard!
Sai Ram.
In the class Point, move method is of type friendly(as per RH book) so it is accessed by the classes of the package Points only. And the method moveAlso is declared public so it is generic and can be accessed by any class of any package.
Coming to the second class, PlusPoint class of package morePoints, this class tried to override the method moveAlso but this is not possible since public method cannot be made private(but reverse is possible acc to RH) and one more thing from this class under this moveAlso method tried to access the move method of the parent class this is not possible(due to the cause mentioned in first paragraph).
I hope I am in adequate explanation! If anything wrong let me know.
Sai Ram.
Please check your answer once again!
The code give no errors at compile and runtime. Though your thinking is correct, here what happens is:
at 14 : creating ref variable of type Base which stores the new instance of Derived1.
at 15 : Making an instance of Derived1.
at 16 : Making an instance of Derived2.
at 17 : Base class ref variable now been assigned the Base casted obj ref of Derived1
at 18 : Base class ref variable now been assigned the Base casted obj ref of Derived2.
In lines 17 and 18 even you place b = d1; or (or) and b = d2;
won't makes the difference. Since you can assign sub class obj to super class reference. Tha casting is 100% valid. But because of this the results of the full-pledged program may be changed.
with wishes,
Sai Ram
24 years ago
Dear jfolks,
In my browser an applet is running which is actually driven by the remote server. No class file been downloaded anywhere in my HD. Now, the applet is constituting text fields (suppose a chat applet, then i am a regestered user). I want to communicate with that applet(atleast a field in it). I don't know the IP address, class name and nothing.
Now the Q is, Are there any possibilities to do so with Java. If so please mention with your ideas and clues.
One more thing, Is there any provision in Java tech. so that I can communicate with the screen of my PC?

Pl. send or write the reply either in this forum or send by mail to
Thanks one and all!
24 years ago
As per my view both the class A and variable a are GCed at the same time. Though the class hasn't any ref variable but has the instance which will be looked after by the JVM and does the GC part only after the execution. Pl look below the following code and execute you get the answer(I hope). If any corrections in my view let me clarify(any body).

with wishes.
Just execute the following to clear ur doubt. If u're not cleared dig it again. Try with & without the commented(//) statement.

Keep it up! Best of luck!
Congrats David!
Keep look at the new goals. You'll get it. Just go ahead!
Good Luck!
Dear Tony,
I may be too late in finding you at the acme position in success since I am a novice one to this site. Any way have my heartly congratulations! Its an amazing score for the life time. I hope it was the gift to you for the Valentine's day. I hope yu enjoyed with that.
Any how, I would like to go for the same. I read all ur messages and the replies. Good and prompt responses. Its fantastic. I hope to have few tips to go ahead for the repitition of ur story by me.
Looking after your resp..!
Once again I wish you to achieve the better rankings in nearest future!
Good Luck!
24 years ago