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My class diagram is similar to the Cade's book figure 8.6, except that I didn't represent StatelessSessionBeans. And my component diagrams are similar to the Cade's book figure 8.8. In these diagrams I show the components envolved using stereotypes like JSP, Servlet, BusinessDelagate, ServiceLocator, StatelessSessionBean, EntityBean, etc. But I didn't show all componets in my component diagrams, for sample DTOs.
I didn't show classes in my component diagramas, and I show these components in my sequence diagrams as Cade's book figure 8.12. Of course may appear some components (like DTOs) in sequence diagrams that are missing in component diagrams.

Vinays and Paulo,

I understand your view's point. But I am not sure that representing class like "MyUserHelper" in class diagram is the best approach. I actualy will model this in component diagrams. My class diagram will be composed only by entity class.

Vinays and Paulo,

The question isn't about if it is possible use stereotypes in class diagram.
Instead, the question is about making the class diagram technology independet or not. I have seen many ranchers making the class diagram only as an extension of BDOM (Business Domain Object Model) without any EJB.
What do you about it?

Hi suekar,

I found an serie of articles about architecture on Rational Edge e-zine.
They are not exactelly about how the architect interacts during the project's life cicle, but there is one that is about the process of architecting. I hope this may be useful for you.

What is a software architecture?
Characteristics of a software architect
The process of software architecting
The benefits of software architecting

Hi Ram and everybody,

I've read an interesting article about the Characteristics of a software architect.
Ram, I understand you. In many cases the Architect has so many responsabilities because he is the most "senior" in the technical team.

I partially agree with Mr. Brownie, because I don't think the issue is about Indians.
But I am really missing people like Parag Doshi, Dhiren Joshi and our moderator Ajith Kallambella. They were very good contributors.
Nowadays only we see are postings about the size of image of diagrams and other things not much interesting.
Well, at least Thomas Taeger came to increase the quality.

Hi Thomas and All

When you said:

Is it for business reasons or for technical ones like "logged-in or not"?
FBN is interested in enabling searching just as a first step for selling, that is their business, and not for charity. In my opinion only charity would justify providing a separate facade for searching - from this business point of view.

What do you think if I want to implement a Value List Handler as a Session Fa�ade? In this situation it is better have a separate fa�ade for searching, isn't it?

Vagner Freitas
Hi Jesse,

I see Segment as a line item on a Itinerary too.
But I see a Flight as flight number, and each Flight has 1 or many Legs.
For instance, Flight 3370 has Legs A -> B, B -> C and C -> D.
Then, Customer X can buy the seat number 14C in the Legs from A to C, and Customer Y can buy the same seat 14C in the Leg from C to D.
I introduced a class Reservation, that associate Segment, Leg and Seat.
What do you think?

Hi Anh,

It is a design choice. This choice dependes on your architecture.
If you use DAO you may create a BrandDAO that has responsability to access the 3 tables.
In fact, the table BrandType has no meaning in a OO business domain.

Hi Anderson,

Very good score.
I am from Brazil, are you too?

Vagner Fonseca
Hi everybody.

I am reading a book called "Expert One-on-One J2EE Design and Development"
by Rod Johnson. I think this is a good book for we get knowledge about J2EE Architectures. There are some intersting chapters:

Chapter 1 - J2EE Architectures
Chapter 2 - J2EE Projects�Choices and Risks
Chapter 6 - Applying J2EE Technologies
Chapter 7 - Data Access in J2EE Applications
Chapter 11 - Infrastructure and Application Implementation

Who have already read this book?
Do you think that Johnson's experience of designing J2EE applications is good for real projects? And for part II assignment project?
Let me know your opinion.

Hi B Sathish,

I have bought this book to study for part I, but I didn't like it.
I think it is too confuse and prolix.
I am really sure that only this book is not sufficient to pass.
You should get the Cade's book. This is a reference guide, but you have to read some other books and articles in order to cover all exam objectives.
I recomend reading at least two books:
UML Distiled - Martin Fowler
Design Patterns - Gamma et al.

Hi Vishwa,

You have a nice score.
I wish I would pass with the same grade.

Thanks everybody.

I've been working as Senior System Analyst for many years. Then I have a lot of experience in UML, Design Patterns, Messaging and others subjects.
As I already am SCBCD I didn't have to study EJB so hard.
The Cade's book is only a guide. It has a summary of almost all topics in the exam. But you have to complement with other books, especially that topics you don't have the whole domain. I used the Allen's book to complement the study of many topics. But I think this book have many typos and it is a little confused.
I thik the best way to prepare is get some information source (books, articles, white papers, notes, etc) about each exam topic.
I would suggest three books:
UML Distilled (Matin Fowler, et al)
Design Patterns (Erich Gamma, et al)
Mastering Enterprise Java Beans (Ed Romam)
I considered the exam well developed, and there isn't any doubtful question.
Good luck.

Hi Everybody,

I am very happy. I passed part I with 87%.
I've studied for four months, three hours a week.
I used the Cade's book as a guide. I used the Ramu's notes too.
Thanks for everybody in this forum.