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Recent posts by Kshitij Ktambe

Carol & Jeanne
Thanks a lot for your help
Hi Carol,
Thanks for your reply.
I am still not clear what is the need of differentiating between the two?
Hi guys,
What is difference between Jar and External Jar in Eclipse Build Path?

Thaks for your help.

Originally posted by Sivasundaram Umapathy:
May be this post clarifies the value delivered by whizlabs

95% on SCWCD 1.4

May be this post clarifies the high value customer service delivered by high priced whizlabs

Whizlabs customer service issue

Originally posted by Sivasundaram Umapathy:
May be this post clarifies the value delivered by whizlabs

I don't see here any value specifically delivered by whizlabs simulator( priced at around $100 (Canadian) )

Here is my suggestion to get 95% or even more on exam

1. Study the Head first JSP and Servlets thoroughly.
2. Brush through Jignesh's book
3. Go over the specs for JSP, JSTL
4. Go over the api for Servlet related classes and interfaces.
5. TAKE ANY simulator
[ October 07, 2004: Message edited by: Kshitij Ktambe ]
To my knowledge there are only 2 simulators available at this time Whizlab and JWebPlus
I have not used any of them but this is what I know
Whizlab $64.95 has 5 Mock Exams => 64.95/5= $12.99 per mock exam
JWebPlus $35.00 has 7 Mock Exams=> 35.00/7= $5.00 per mock exam

Also have look on these threads


I am also planning to buy one and most probably I will be buying JWebPlus.

Rest, your money your choice
[ October 06, 2004: Message edited by: Kshitij Ktambe ]
ejb-certificate and jdiscuss and then HFEJB Master mock exam.

The only reason you might wana try another exam is to get familiar with the enironment and SoftSCBCD simulates close enough to the real exam enironment, except for drag and drop questions
[ September 16, 2004: Message edited by: Kshitij Ktambe ]
Today amazon.ca once again changed the delivery date from 13-Sep to 28-Sept
Thanks Kathy,
your help is greatly appreciated.
[ September 07, 2004: Message edited by: Kshitij Ktambe ]

Originally posted by Jeremy Brandon:
Just that 99.7% of their users pass the exam

If one fails the exam after going through (about)500 questions, then one must consider that there is something else wrong
This is a cruel world of competition, best price with best quality. I have got my money for JWebPlus at almost half prize than that of Whizlabs
Does anybody know if class diagrams for classes related to SCWCD 1.4 are available. Something similar to this great site
can i clear without the scwcd knowledge
Yes, you can clear bcd without wcd, I have done so but I did it because I was waiting for HF servlets to be released. Unless you have work experience in EJBs or there is some other obligatory reason to clear bcd earlier than wcd, I would recommend you SCWCD before SCBCD.
EJB's have more abastract ideas than Servlets and JSP.

Hope this helps.
My question to the hiring managers.
If a newly graudated student participates in an open source project. how much weightage is given to this experience during hiring process? Is it gonna help new graduates to step into job market?
19 years ago
this is a newbie question so please don't get upset if it is too simple
What is a (web services) blueprint? and where can I find it?

thanks for your help

Originally posted by Nicholas Cheung:
you may consider using both.

Both :roll: