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Recent posts by Chetan Durg

I am trying to give the answer for ur 3rd question
Difference between arrays and pointers
Basically arrays are used to store the elements of same data types(like integers,float,String,characters etc)
U cannot store different types in array(i.e int,float,double cannot be stored in one array)
this can be done with the help of structure(in c) or classes( in java or c++)
Regarding pointers are the variable which holds the address of some variable.
with the help of pointers u can find the address of the variable where excatly it is located by compiler.
int a=10;
when u declare this statement the compiler will allocate 4 bytes of memory to variable a and stores value 10.
but if I want to find the location where excatly it is located then we have to use pointers.
declare one pointer variable of int type
int *p;
and assign the address of varible a in p with help of & operator
when u print p it will give some address i.e where a is located.
21 years ago
I am working with one project in which I am using servlets and I want to display the tree structure in the form of management herarichy(horizontal tree) and not like window explorer that can be done using swings.
so is there any ways in which I can display tree in horizontal(management type)?
21 years ago