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Recent posts by anyz mick

Thanks Tim for detailed explaination.

I created the custom Spring scope as guided at this webpage.

So @ViewScoped bean now contains objects of same scope.
8 years ago
Could it be issue with Spring. Because Spring scope is "request" it makes it created every time. I tried removing the spring scope then ViewScoped bean is never created again even i navigate to differnt pages.
8 years ago
I am using JSF2 on Tomcat 6 with Spring 3.

My manged bean is:

I have an editQuestion.xhtml page. As i click any action button on page e.g. Cancel, Save Question etc the manged bean is created again. In JSF 1 we achieved it usign keepAlive but @viewScoped is supposed to replace it in JSF 2.

I have to use @Component because i need to inject some spring beans in managed bean and spring does not recognize @ManagedBean.

8 years ago
I am working with DB2 Universal database having lots of tables with columns of datatype CHARACTER. Length of these columns is variable (greater than 1 e.g. 18). As i execute a Native query using JPA it selects only first character of the column. Seems CHARACTER datatype is mapped to Java Character.

How can i get full contents in DB column. I can not change the database bening on Vendor side. Also there are two sides of problem:

- When using JPQL
- Using native DB query (no pojo is used in this case)

i am using Hibernate implementation of JPA provided by spring.

I am assigned a task to work on Portal based upon Portlet 2.0 that will be deployed on Tomcat using Jetspeed 2.2.1. However in future this must be deployable on other portlet servers like IBM WebSphere. In first step I have to work out the possible security model for the application. Major requirements for security:
- Based on some standard
- Easily portable to Websphere or other server
- Two step security model in which authentication is done on cooperate network (LDAP or domain controller for example) than authorizations will be controlled by portlet server

So security must not dependent or tightly coupled with Jetspeed specific features. My initial understanding user must exists in portlet server (Jetspeed on this case) to control the authorization stuff(who can access and what can do). What could be best way these server independent so that these can be ported easily to other servers. Or for each server we have to re-create user/groups/roles using sort of admin interface that server provides.

Thanks for time.
9 years ago
I am using JSF 1.2 with rich faces. I followed similar thread at but even URL like http://myserver/myapp/login.jsf not works. My FacesServlet is defined to catch *.xhtml. And its working perfect on Tomcat. Not getting it up on my hosting that has Apache server at front and integrated with Tocmat.

9 years ago
Thanks for your reply Tim.
Here is my FacesServlet mapping to serve xhtml in web.xml file:

and default suffix:

I do call xhtml files diretly e.g. http://myserver/myApp/login.xhtml.
I have links directly pointing to xhtml files. You are correct that FacesServlet is not capturing the xhtml URLs and source is returned back. But how can i fix it?
9 years ago
I have a JSF based web application using facelets (XHTML). It works perfect on Tomcat. For demo purpose i deployed it on hosting server that uses apache web server integrated with tomcat. As i acces any xhtml page in IE it opens the Save dialog box to save the file reather than display it. In FireFox it display the file but no XHTML tag is parsed. So i guess currently apache server is trying to serve xhtml itself rather than fwding to tomcat and XHTML extension is not recognized.

I need two things to configure:

1- Configure apache to foward .xhtml requests to tomcat
2- Configure tomcat to server .xhtml files

For first if added follwoing lines to .htaccess file ( i don't have access to httpd.conf in shared hosting)
AddType application/xhtml+xml .xhtml
AddHandler jserv-servlet .xhtml

but it does work. Could you please share you experience what configurations i need to make it work at both Apache server and application web.xml etc

9 years ago
Thanks for very helpfull replies. Time to learn new library in our project is very crusial and we are looking for easy to use library. So jQuery will be our obvious choice if its learning curve is less than that of DoJo. I'm also evaluating jMaki, a wraper on various Ajax based libraries. I think it will lot easy to work with wraper classes as compared with scripting everything (yes it loses certain control over widgets and less flexible.) jMaki at time is not providing wideges from jQuery but it is wraping many others. So if we find our required widget jMaki should be OK. I will take a detailed look into jMaki.
What do you recommend between jQuery and DoJo?
Sorry for inconvenience. Actually i thought this question has something related integrating AJAX libraries with JSP or to with Ajax JSP Tag library atleast so posted it on JSP. Thanks for moving to appropirate forum.
i am working on small web application that will using Spring, hibernate, JSP(Tiles framework). We need some basic AJAX features in it like autocompleter, auto refresh area of page, ajax based form submission etc. I need help in choosing open source ajax library for this. I have narrowed down to JQuery, DoJo and Ajax JSP Tag library. Ideally if there is soem ajax based components like Tacos it would great but i don't think there is souch open source component framework.

Among other three mentioned above can you please guide which is best to use in terms of ease of use, short learning curve, lest client side coding, good integration with other frameworks used in applicaiton.

thanks for your time.

I have some common classes used by various war modules on websphere 5. During development using jar file in appserver\lib\ext is hard to manage due to frequent change in classes. While using loose classes in appserver\classes folder i need to restart websphere each time class is
modified. Is there any websphere setting to reload server-level classes automatically? or any work-arround to this problem.

15 years ago
yeah that was the problem....i just got solved and was about to update status here. Thank kyle for your reply.

Originally posted by Kyle Brown:
Did you turn on global security?


15 years ago
I have to move an application with basic authentication from Tomcat where it is working fine to WS Express 5. While deploying the war file from admin console i mapped the "TestROle" defined in web.xml to machines Adminsitrator Group and Users. But the basic authenticaiton is not active and every resources is accessible without login. binding and application.xml files contains the sercurity constraints tags properly but security is not working.

What am i missing to make basic authentication work?

Thanks for your time.

15 years ago