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Recent posts by Chetan Sahasrabudhe

Congrats !!!

Can anyone guide me in deciding if I should wait for new edition or should start work with first edition copy of Mark Cade book ?

I want to start the work at earlist but do not want to put efforts in something that will change by Feb 10.

I was looking at getting latest edition of Mark code book but it seems it will be available in Feb 10.
What do you suggest is it worth getting existing edition to start work on SCEA ?
Head first never mentions ${ notation in book.
is there any specific reason for not metioning $ notation ?


Another way to retrieve component properties is to use the jsp:getProperty element. This element converts the value of the property into a String and inserts the value into the response stream:

<jsp:getProperty name="beanName" property="propName"/>
thanks for the help.
going through docs.
what link should I use for preparation


Changed thread title to read 'SCWCD'.
[ July 28, 2006: Message edited by: Marc Peabody ]

I guess kathy and team have not included the assert related disadvantage and later why java 1.4 allows one to disable assert.

I came across this explaination while reading scripting disable and el disable secion in headfirst.

guys put this explaination in scjp book as well.
Here is the sequence

1. Head First
2. Specs
3. Hanumant
4. Study kit
not using jsp
itz pure http communication between a electronic sensor and server.

anyting like this where i can say no sessions kind of option
Congrats party time

what next ?



also help me solve my doubts
I can see that there are ways of putting session existing == live of web app

DD says session-timeout = <=0
api saya setSessionMaxInvactiveTime = < 0

I have a need in my application where I need to generate dynamic resonse but dont want to have burden on session object creation.

my code is not even using session to generate the output the call to servlet is purly stateless and need not have any conversational state after the response is flushed.

The need is so that I am expecting around 10k requests / sec.

creation of session object and later lifecycle management time spent by CPU for that object is clearly a overload on my application.

Is there a way that I can stop session object creation.

I dont want to set session-timeout as 1 as it will surely get my app go on toss.

also want to clarify, if within application no code calls getSession method at all then will tomcat create the session ?
As explained URL rewriting will be used with cookies are not supported on client machine.

once I start encoding the URL client will receive

http://<server name>:<port number>/<servlet-name>:<session id>

if user is smart enough he/she would copy the resonse and revert back with same response from another machine.

this shall work till the session is alive.

I see a major security threat in this kind of solution

do you agree with me or I dont know something important that makes URL rewriting a secured thing.
As pe the book session will get migrated across JVM in load balanced environment.
I need more information regarding session behavior of below given scenario

1. Client (window 1) gets session from Container A
2. Client (Window 2) makes a second request that gets passed on to Container B.
3. Container B asks for session object from Container A
4. Same time client opens second window
5. Client (Window 1) request is with Container B
6. Client (Window 2) request goes to Container A

As per the book across containers there will be only one session object present.

How will container A and container B respond to the situation.

I saw that container generated * file has a call for session

as per the book getSession() == getSession(true).

If I have done lot of validation in my code to ensure that the session I am using is an existing session and now new sesison shall help complete the request this call in in jsp makes all my efforts void.

any suggestions on how to specify to jsp that I want to use existing session otherwise jsp shall throw exception if session is a newly created session.