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Recent posts by Nguyen Van Thang

Thanks Kyle Brown.
I must make an setup program. All code are included in this program. Users, who dosen't know anything about websphere can only run this setup program to set up an application.
So I must use wsadmin commands. Sorry for the last letter, I want to set (by command line, not map) the default virtual host of two clusters member to virtual host www_testhost (not default_host).
My machine was installed WS Application Server5.0 and WS Network Deployment5.0.
All main steps that are included in my setup program, following:
# machine's name is server

# begin create Clone1 server.
1. set node [$AdminConfig getid /Node:server/]
2. $AdminConfig create Server $node {{name Clone1}}
3. $AdminConfig save
# end create Clone1 server.

# begin convert Clone1 server to cluster.
4. set serverid [$AdminConfig getid /Server:Clone1/]
5. $AdminConfig convertToCluster $serverid intra_cluster
6. $AdminConfig save
# end convert Clone1 server to intra_cluster.

# begin add cluster member
7. set cluster [$AdminConfig getid /ServerCluster:intra_cluster/]
8. $AdminConfig createClusterMember $cluster $node {{memberName Clone2}}
9. $AdminConfig save
# end add cluster member

# begin modify servers's port
10. set as [$AdminConfig getid /Node:$Node/Server:Clone1/]
11. set webcontainer [$AdminConfig list WebContainer $as]
12. $AdminConfig modify $webcontainer {{transports:HTTPTransport {{{sslEnabled false} {address {{host *} {port 9093}}}}}}}
13. $AdminConfig modify $webcontainer {{transports:HTTPTransport {{{sslEnabled true} {sslConfig DefaultSSLSettings} {address {{host *} {port 9094}}}}}}}
14. $AdminConfig save

15. set as1 [$AdminConfig getid /Node:$Node/Server:Clone2/]
16. set webcontainer1 [$AdminConfig list WebContainer $as1]
17. $AdminConfig modify $webcontainer1 {{transports:HTTPTransport {{{sslEnabled false} {address {{host *} {port 9103}}}}}}}
18. $AdminConfig modify $webcontainer1 {{transports:HTTPTransport {{{sslEnabled true} {sslConfig DefaultSSLSettings} {address {{host *} {port 9104}}}}}}}
19. $AdminConfig save
# end modify servers's port

# begin Modify virtual host
20. set virtualhost [$AdminConfig getid /Cell:serverNetwork/]
21. $AdminConfig create VirtualHost $virtualhost {{name www_testhost}}
22. $AdminConfig save
23. set virtualhost [$AdminConfig getid /VirtualHost:www_testhost/]
24. $AdminConfig modify $virtualhost {{aliases {{{hostname *}{port 9093}}{{hostname *}{port 9094}}{{hostname *}{port 9095}}{{hostname *}{port 9096}}{{hostname www_testhost}{port 80}}}}}
25. $AdminConfig save
# end Modify virtual host

The command above is finished without any errors.
The problem is:
1. I don't know command line to delete default server ports (these ports was created
when creating servers)
2. I want to set (by command line) the default virtual host = www_testhost (not = default_host).

This can done with GUI
of administrative console:
Servers -> Application Servers -> Clone1 -> Web container: Default virtual host.
[ August 15, 2004: Message edited by: Nguyen Van Thang ]
17 years ago
Hi all,
I am having some difficulty creating servers by wsadmin on windows platform. I have one cluster (intra_cluster) and this cluster has two clusters member (Clone1,Clone2). I want to map two clusters to virtual host www_testhost (not default_host).pls help me.Thanks.
17 years ago