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Recent posts by Gavin Andrews

This probably won't help...

I believe flight, segment, etc. are all jargon and their usage is different around the world....

For instance I'm based in London and when I fly somewhere I expect to get on a plane and arrive at my destination... I might change flights but not many times...

However, I remember a trip to the USA... I flew to Boston and needed to get to Owego... The flight stopped off along the way... i.e. I stayed on whilst we picked up/dropped off passengers... more like a bus...

I don't think it matters as long as you are consistent. Define the terms yourself and stick with your definitions.

Good Luck

>>>So far I'm thinking, I don't need any preparation all I need is back up what I did and why I did it.

Part III is fun. You don't need any preparation but you do need to have your approach in memory. The idea behind Part 3 is to put words on 'paper' that will be read as the examiner looks at your UML diagrams.

One thing I didn't do is read all the questions before answering them... that might help you structure your answers and stop repeating yourself....

In Part II you get graded on the diagrams. Part III is the words... to back up the diagrams.

Good luck! and take it soon whilst Part 2 is still inside your head.

>>>Congratulations. Great score!


Beers tonight
>>> How did you justified your design/solution for Performance and High Availability ?

Use UML to be explict. The assignment shows the overall approach... this is where to determine a target artchitecture and make decisions that give high performance, scalability, etc... Part3 gives a chance to explain why.

Be happy with your diagrams.... and then submit.
>>>How did you solve the problems with crisscrossings in the component diagram ?

Hey! You are half way there... you've spotted that J2EE patterns are important... don't overcomplicate the solution.. but where appropriate use a pattern... ServiceLocator sounds like a candidate... GO FOR IT!!!

My solution was simple. it didn't have many criss crosses!!! Communicate the approach not the detail... this is architecture... the detailed design comes later.
>>> 2. Distinction/Interpretation of Segments, Legs etc.

This is my point exactly. Don't worry about it. Just be consistent in your diagrams. Decide yourself what a leg, segment etc. is and GO FOR IT!!! You don't get marked at that level of detail... just show a consistent approach.
Wow! It's all over... after an on/off attempt but 12 months elapsed...

Test: Sun Certified Enterprise Architect for Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition Technology Part II (310-061)
Date Taken: 2005-01-05 18:44:26.013
Site: gb7
Grade: P
Score: 99
Comment: This report shows the total points that could have been awarded in each section and the actual amount of points you were awarded. This information is provided in order to give you feedback on your relative strengths on a section basis. The maximum number of points you could have received is 100, minimum to pass is 70. Class Diagram (44 maximum) .......................... 44 Component Diagram (44 maximum) ...................... 43 Sequence/Collaboration Diagrams (12 maximum) ........ 12

My conclusion is....

(1) Don't underestimate Part III. Since Part II and Part III are marked together Part III gives you a chance to show you know what you are trying to describe.

(2) Get on with it. As long as your approach works it doesn't have to be perfect... get it down in UML and submit

(3) Don't fret the detail... Have an idea over the concepts (segment etc.) but don't get too worked up... just go with something consistent and submit.

Good Luck All!!!

Thanks to everyone here that provided motivation. I would have been happy with 70... I probably would have got 70... but the numbers posted by others are a good motivator!!!

Thanks. They changed my permissions and I have uploaded the assignment.

I have also paid for and booked Part 3 for Friday morning.

Are you allowed to take along hard-copy of the assignment to the Part 3 exam?
Well it's been almost a year since I downloaded the assignment and almost six months since I looked at my work... I dug out what I had, made it look complete and am about to upload it.

Unfortunately I seem to not have sufficient permissions to upload my assignment... so i've emailed

My Question is... Do I have to take Part 3 now or can I wait until my I find out if my efforts were sufficient to get a pass in Part 2???

Does Part 3 involve going to a test centre or is it something you do at home?


on one page of...

I've started drawing out my Part 2 design and have found that my diagrams get very big... if they are to be .GIFs they will be monsters (i.e. A3).

Any hints on how I should break them down to be smaller?

or doesn't it matter that the examiner will have to scroll around to get the big picture.

Are PDFs allowed? I assume not.

Thanks in advance,
I'm with Parag

I googled and found...


A leg is that portion of the trip between consecutive flight stops. The segment can be a group of legs, because the segment is that portion of a trip from boarding point to a deplaning point.

That seems to answer my question.
I'm thinking of not having Leg anywhere.... it seems to be a synonym of Segment....

Is it safe to represent only Segment?
>>> My point just was that if this common GUIFrontController is running in:
>>> (1) an application server
>>> (2) a web server

Yeap; that's the decision that has to be made.