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ramesh kandukuri

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Recent posts by ramesh kandukuri

Hi All,

I am new to Spring framework, Can any body suggest me a good Book for the same.

Check this url ""

12 years ago
Hi freinds
which ide is now days developers are using for developing swing applications, I have used visual cafe when java1.1 version is in market.
14 years ago
i work in India
15 years ago
Iam having 5+ years of experience
technologies i worked (Java,j2ee,WAP,ATG,Mainframes)
Iam 35 years old and working with a capacity of Sr S.E
I wanted to change my Employer and applying in jobsites
Is age is constraint these days or what?Why consultants are asking DOB and % of marks for experienced persons
Unfortunately iam not getting any interview calls since 2 months.
Iam allready on bench since 3 months..Iam just afraid..
15 years ago
Hi all
Here i need help
Iam working with a migration Project..
I found a situation where one method which takes 2 args is depricated and the latest one taked 3 to habdle it? Any suggestions
(As the client has only given some source code and we are not aware of functionlaity)
Thanks & Regards
15 years ago
I have got a problem..for migration of a project
let us say one method takes 2 arguments (depricated one)
and the new method takes three arguments in that case how to handle it?
15 years ago
Hello all
Can any body suggest me a good book on WSAD5.x
Thanks in advance
15 years ago
I would like to know whether SCWCD1.4 exam kit by Deshmukh is published?
If so is it available in India?
Is that SCWCD1.4 study Kit by DeshMukh has been published or what?
I have purchased 1.3 version but planning to write scwcd1.4
Hai guys
is that scwcd1.4 study guide by Mikalai Zaikin is available in PDF
( i want to take print of it)
Thanks & Regards
Hai any body tried or installed new ATG application on WAS
Please help me out
Thanks in Advance
16 years ago
Can any body suggest me some url online
that helps me in knwing about design principles if u have given a problem ..specification how to identify methods classes interfaces etc...
Infact this was asked in interview...i told some thing like..nouns can become classes(though not all the time) and verbs will become methods...but iam not conviniced...offcourse iam also..
i want some guidelines for connecting to Db2 database..I donot have that software and also drivers..
If some body can assist me in finding free ware of personnel db2 and drivers and some sample code
also some links relating to that..OHHH
i think enough asked ...about it
I would appreciate
Hai friends
i have used oracle and msaccess data bases for my applications..I wanted to connect to DB2..How can i do that?Is that DB2 free ware is available?
If so where?and about(i guess driver is needed) Driver? and installation classpath etc ..
please help
looking forward for ur reply..
thanks in advance