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So Dont let the kids miss this one.


[shortened really long link - Jim]
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16 years ago
Go get IT Bear! Hi hi hi hi......
17 years ago
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17 years ago

Originally posted by Ice Penov:
"Read" my previous message more carefully. Repeat if necessary.

Ok, enough about this book. I am not saying anything more about this book. Who cares? I don't, I just regretted my wasted money.

Bottom line--I trashed my sample, you framed yours. Different people, different choices.

I would like to read a comprehensive answer to a genuine question regarding servlets and jsp technology. (from you)

Can the ranchers expect that in the near future?

Or will all your posts be targeted at trashing HFSJ?

Good Luck? (I Guess)

Originally posted by Ice Penov:
<< NO REPLY >>

Love you all,

No one's whims and/or fancies are respected here on the ranch. Only QUESTIONS. You wanna advertise a book, go to the Blatant Advertising forum.
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17 years ago

Originally posted by Bert Bates:
Well, we'll certainly go back to the drawing board on some of this stuff, but I'd like to ask a question...

Did anyone 'get' that a lot of the 'team related' stuff in the book has to do with how Sun imagines large web apps being staffed? It's not so much that we're saying Rah-Rah let's everyone do it the way Sun recommends... it's just that in the J2EE arena, the certifications do, to varying degrees, test you on at least understanding Sun's recommendations for things like team makeup...

So I'm guessing from this thread that that idea didn't come through too well... is that right?



Either way it does not matter. In my opinion, those who choose Head First books are almost always entirely from one single group, Freshers("Those People") just out of college or who will shortly be graduating. Most of the time it is people trying to LEARN how a technology works and NOT, I emphasize NOT trying to RIG up a school project with someone else's code.

Other People (I mean those who have Industry EXPERIENCE) would find it SHAMEFUL (and rightly so) for reading a book with lots and lots of pictures in the presence of others.(I mean your colleagues, seniors, team leads, managers etc..)

These guys would definitely stay away or criticize (or play down) the Head First books. I ASSUME they hate the books for imparting knowledge to any and every layman, while making it impossible for them to learn. Tough Luck! Indeed.

"Team Environment" and following the guidelines of SUN are OVERRIDDEN (with POWER and ENVY) in the real world.

Welcome SNOW! (What helps you to learn is not Good Enough! If you try to learn, what I'm good at, you'll have to face my wrath) to the real World.

This isn't the time to close this thread. Lets conclude what kind of books everyone likes. (I'm naming no one here. Take Note, x HOT)
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Sure it Does. BANGKOK?
17 years ago
No No No

Don't ever try to feed Babies a Biryani. Their bellies will be on fire.

In most of the Indian households, some of the food is taken out without even adding salt, more so if there are babies around and then You know with all the Diabetic and Hypertension patients around. (India is the leading producer of Diabetic and Hypertension patients)

I don't have babies. But my sister has babies and if she misses to remove some food before adding the spices, she tones it down with lots and lots of GHEE. And that tastes good even for BIG boys.
[ July 17, 2005: Message edited by: chowdary Thammineedi ]
17 years ago
Sorry for the irrelevance of this post to your question. But I just realized I know how you look. I have your photograph in my HF Design Patterns book. Infact I know how a lot of bartenders here on the ranch look like.
17 years ago
2 here with SCWCD.

3 may work, it didn't for me. I remember taking a look at STRUTS after working through some chapters of Java Servlet Programming. But I found it hard to SEE how it actually worked. I actually found that there was nothing I could learn from STRUTS at that stage. Looking back, I really find it funny that I tried it.

What can a controller do if you have nothing to control?

Now I know lot more about Servlets and JSP, and all those nights spent on SCWCD forum, Tomcat Bugzilla and wading through Tomcat source code are finally paying off. I spent an entire day trying to make a Hello World custom tag work. STRUTS looks glorious now. Learning a better way to do things is indeed fun.
17 years ago
Congratulations Angeles

17 years ago