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Recent posts by Swati Udas

Congratulations !!

I hope to start preparing for this certification soon !
16 years ago
It doesn't matter if you have given SCJP long time ago.
But I would suggest not to delay the next exam too much. I myself kept preparing for SCWCD for a long time.I have never worked on JSP/Servlets. Also I was distracted few times by various activities and hence it dragged too long towards the end.
So I would say..do not drag too much.. Get startedwith the studies--Focus--and don't stop till you are certified.
Hi again,

Forgot to mention one more resource.
I also read the hints by Jyothi SHankar which was also very helpfull. Thanks to Jyothi Shankar for the same.
Hi All,

I cleared SCWCD with a score of 88% on Saturday. Thanks a lot to all the ranchers for sharing all the usefull information and their experiences about the exam.

I used the following materials for study
1> HFSJ - read 2-3 times and solve all exercises
2> Solved HFSJ mock exam 1 day before the actual exam- scored 72 %
3> Read Dynamic Attributes tutorial on javaranch
4> Once I had read HFSJ and knew the concepts , Milkai Zaikin's notes were very usefull to revise the details.
5> Solved all online free mock exams available at SCWCD Links on this Forum.
6> Solved some tests available through Google search on SCWCD exam.

Java Ranch is a great support for the progress!

Moving on to either SCBCD /webservices cert.. !
The application implicit variable is of type javax.servlet.ServletContext, which has the methods- getResource() and getResourceAsStream() to get a resource and getRequestDispatcher() to forward a request.
Although, you can also use 'config' to get ServletContext (and then call the above methods) but it is better to select 'application' because can be used directly.

Found this explaination there itself
Which of the following implicit variables should be used by a jsp page to access a resource and to forward a request to another jsp page?

Select 1 correct option.

1>pageContext and config
2>application and config
3>config and pageContext
4>application for both
5>config for both.

Answer is 4.
I havent understood the question. Could someone explain please !
Thanks for the support

I had ticked session.getAttribute(); assuming that session is first retrived through proper methods.

Also I find that this quiz suggests that WEB-INF is must in every web-app
While notes by jothi shankar state something diferene. What do we consider correct for exam?

Wish me luck..appearing exam this saturday..2 days to go..
Marks: 0/1 Consider you have an otherwise correctly formulated classic tag handler with the code

public int doStartTag(){
//your code here
Which of the following can be used on the line after the comment to get an attribute from the session scope?

Choose at least one answer.
a. session.getAttribute("attributeName");
b. getSessionContext.getAttribute("attributeName");
c. bodyContext.getAttribute("attributeName");
d. pageContext.getAttribute("attributeName",PageContext.APPLICATION_SCOPE);

The website shows d. as the answer. But the scope would not match. This would have been the correct answer if application scope was mentioned in the question.
Please clarify if I interprete it wrong !
TLD Tag library descriptor..helps us map to custom tag libraries. But Unless there are taghendlers implementing the required functionality, TLDs would not serve any purpose.
I would advice to go step by step. First complete SCJP and then proceed with further certifications. It would help in long term to follow a systematic approach.
And dont worry about the job. Its always good to have handson on various technologies.

Thats my personal opinion, you are free to decide what you find comfortable.
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--- from Milkai Zaikins notes - Page 16
Well.. my mistake..
the answer on the website says MVC is correct.
May be reading more here -
will help us undertand the MVC pattern more clearly.
<%int i = 1;
int j =2;%>

${i < j}
${1 lt 2}

the expected output is False/true
the first false is due to i and j not being accesible..Why are therse variables not accesible in EL ?