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Recent posts by Darya Akbari

Bert Bates wrote:You're asking us to generalize

I'd say Sex in the City or Eat, Pray, Love

It was really Eat, Pray and Love

I swear, next time I will be less lazy and inform myself where my wife track me. By the way it happened in Germany but the audience was not only Germans so it must be a real woman thing. Never had this experience before.

Can you think how much I prayed that with each one who arrived it to be men. It was terrible by the end I counted only 5 male.

And this all on a working day and a film that is already there for 2 weeks.

13 years ago
This evening my wife and I went to cinema. So she and me took our seats and people started to arrive one after the other. After a while I recognized that only woman entered the salon. I felt more and more uncomfortable between all these womans and asked my wife what film she took me in. At the end we were 5 males in between approx. 300 womans.

Can you think which film that was?
13 years ago
Hi Pete,

My suggestion for you is:

From Mannheim go to Heidelberg its very near lot of Americans there then take a ICE train for Cologne then Aachen (frontier to Belgium) then Brussels (Belgium) then Paris. It is all on one route. Step out whereever you like and take the next ICE or TGV train for Paris.

Good luck in good old Europe ;)
13 years ago
Have you ever been in a situation where your wife/girlfriend was not available and you were in the unfortunate situation to handle the whole household on your own. Well I was in such a situation and got through this horrible period for about a month .

Thanks to askmommy.org
14 years ago

David Newton wrote:

Darya Akbari wrote:However as the question implicites the terms POJO, XDoclet and Dependency Injection can be in a relationship. I've seen them together with Java EE 5. Since Java EE 5, XDoclet became obsolete and we use Java Annotations instead and let the EE containers do the injection at runtime.

But XDoclet was creating descriptor files, remote/home interfaces, and so on. I don't really see that it was doing the same work as DI in any meaningful way--maybe you could explain how they're similar, since I don't see it.

I think we should ask kri first whether he had Java EE in mind or not.

David Newton wrote:It's either a short answer to your specific question, or several paragraphs explaining things you either already know, or can learn on your own. Since you provided no information about what you know, why you were asking the question, or why you believe(d) they're equivalent, I gave the short answer rather than basically cut-and-pasting the definition of XDoclet and DI.

I'm not the original one who put that question forward. The question is good but the answer No was disappointing. Now your all other answers are much more informative than your first one.

Actually your No is absolutely correct if we go by the letter of law. However as the question implicites the terms POJO, XDoclet and Dependency Injection can be in a relationship. I've seen them together with Java EE 5. Since Java EE 5, XDoclet became obsolete and we use Java Annotations instead and let the EE containers do the injection at runtime.

So in that case I don't go by the letter of law but by the spirit of law and would answer kri shan's question with Yes.

Jesper Young wrote:Pictures here of the volcano, including a satellite image in which you can see the enormous cloud drifting from Iceland to the UK.

Amazing pictures
14 years ago

Paul Clapham wrote:Perhaps you hadn't heard that Iceland had a banking system meltdown in which they ended up owing billions or trillions of euros (I don't remember which) to Britain and the Netherlands? Anyway they have been stalling on paying that money (because they don't have anything like that much money) so Britain sent a short note saying "SEND CASH NOW". Or actually they meant to say that but they left out one letter and ended up saying "SEND ASH NOW". Well, that's something Iceland can do, and you see the result.

Damn, I haven't thought that way. If Iceland really can SEND ASH like now then all my respect to these old Vikings

14 years ago

David Newton wrote:DI is about how and where implementation dependencies are specified. XDoclet is about source code generation based on Javadoc tags.

If you were really perverse you could probably use XDoclet to implement DI and play unhealthy games with in-process compilation/loading.

So POJO + XDoclet = POJO + a bunch of generated source code, which could be used reasonably, or abused horribly--perhaps giving you a form of DI, but probably by accident.

Thanks David for giving a better explanation than just No.

Do you agree with me that POJO and XDoclet is the way we used to annotate our POJO classes before the @ annotation era?
Salam Behrouz,

shouldn't you append resultset.next() instead of resultset?

Bear Bibeault wrote:Because it isn't. That's like asking "why isn't an apple blue?"

That answer was a bit short or not? Now Bear maybe you can explain why we can't call it DI
Hi Mark,

I haven't read the whole thread but only your first enquiry. Since you have your requirements it doesn't matter whether you first draw a use case or the domain model. Both are good and should be part of your design.

Personally I would always start with the domain model based on the given requirements and then continue where necessary with some use case diagrams.

Pat Farrell wrote:Agile development is the buzzword for this century. It claims that it is light on its feet, able to change instantly. Like a dancer.

Of course, those same claims have been made ever five years or so about every new programming style. I have seen it for Structured Programming, and High Level Languages, and Object Oriented Languages. I am willing to bet that the same arguments were made when folks on the Eniac dreamed about Fortran.

I fully agree with Pat. The word Agile has been hijacked by many different people with different understandings of what Agile means. There is no such thing like one Agile method that you can follow and be in line with your co-workers.