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Recent posts by Mani vannan

Thanks guys. I passed SCEA 2. At the time of writing the exam, SCEA 5 was not released.
- Mani

Thought it would be disloyal, if I forget to drop a word here!
I have passed in SCEA (II & III: 88%) last week. So happy. I have benefited almost from every single post on this forum.

Thanks a billion guys.
Hi All,

I have a general question on architectural design. There is a Swing client, that looks up/communicates with EJB (using RMI/IIOP).The communication should be secured using SSL. So, in this case, how the SSL can be used to secure the Swing client/EJB communication? (SSL is must).
Its bit urgent. A quick reply will help, thanks.

Thank you all for your answers. I am not aware of this earlier.

Can you tell me the links to register for second exam? I explored this forum, but didn't get proper links.

I am from Bangalore, India. Please give the link for paying for second exam.
This question may be repeating again. But, will be thankful if you could reply asap, as I am planning to take SCEA part 2 sooner.

I have cleared SCEA -1, some 50 days back. I have not yet received my certification kit. When i contacted prometric center, they redirected me to Sun prometric. But, I have not received any reply from them.

Will I receive my certification kit only after completing 3 parts of the exam? As I have not received my certification kit yet, am I still not eligible for SCEA part 2 and 3? is it really a blocking my progress to next levels? Who will be the right concern to contact?

Please answer asap. thanks.
Hi Theodore Casser & John Meyers,

I am sorry to ask this question again. I am really confused about the EJB spec version used in this CX-310-051 exam. Theodore said the EJB spec referred in this exam was 1.1 . Reason for my confusion is, I have gone through some mock exam questions in whizlab simulator, they were based on EJB2.0. So, I wonder whether 310-051 was changed to include EJB2.0. Hope, you guys dont mind clarifying my doubt.

Advanced thanks for your clarification.
Hi, I have sent you a private message. Please, check and reply.
Hi chris zielinski,
Thanks for you clarification.
Here are my understanding about Legacy connectivity rules:

1. If the legacy system is CORBA based use RMI-IIOP to connect to the system. 2
2. If the legacy system is Terminal based, use Screen Scrappers, (wrap in EJB or applet)
3. If the legact system is Messaging Queue Series based, use JMS system to connect to.
4. If the legacy system is ODBC based, use JDBC-ODBC bridge.
5. If the legacy system provides only native libararies, wrap the library in JNI.

Please give some more thumb rules like this, if any body knowing.
I am preparing for SCEA part 1. I have studied Protocols chapter.

Here is my understanding of protocols. Please correct, If my points wrong.

1. Java uses IDL to communicate with CORBA.
2. CORBA clients use RMI-IIOP to communicate with Java.
3. If all systems are java based, RMI can be used.
4. If some systems are java based and some other systems are non-java, then RMI-IIOP should be used.

(please, correct above points, if anything wrong.)

I am still not clarified with my understanding. Please give some more thumb rules about RMI, RMI-IIOP.
cool. thanks for your reply.
Hi Theodore,

First thanks for your reply. I've gone through EJB 1.1 javadoc. I dont see MDB there. Hope, there wont be a question about MDB and J2EE design patterns in the real exam.

Hi all,
I have some doubts about SCEA part 1 (CX-310-051). Will be thankful, for your prompt replies.

1. Which EJB Spec referred in this exam?

2. I used Mark Cade book for preparation, but I couldnt find chapter for Applicability of J2EE. Any good resource for this topic alone?

3. I have completed Mark Cade book. But, the book is very short and looks like running notes. Is there any resources or noes that can fill the gap?

Please reply asap.
I need to find out
1. Internal compression mode (aka, compression model/type)
2. color model
for the given image (jpeg, bmp, tiff and etc)

Please help me which java api has methods for this. I tried enough googling, but no luck. A quick help would be a great help. Thanks in advance.
16 years ago