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Recent posts by Rafael Fernandes

My thoughts for Part II:
The biggest advice that I can give you is that you should design the assignment as an architect.
don't put much details on your diagrams however, write down all your decisions.

For example for each diagram (class and component) I wrote a my decisions.
Some questions that you could answer in your comments:
Which patterns are you using here? why this pattern? is it scale? why this persistence mechanism?

One more thing, sequence diagrams are about 10% of the whole exam so don't spend much time on it.
Start creating a consistent class diagram (extending your business model) and then your component diagram (how your classes interact themselves).

My thoughts for Part III:
It is by far easy, you just need to know what you've designed.
The decisions that you've wrote down on part II will help you a lot.
Before take the exam just print out your assignment as well as your design document, read it a few times and that's it...

Websites that helped me a lot:
http://www.google.com ))
Hi Guys,

I'd like to share with you that after a few months of preparation and hard days (nights) of studying, I finally became Sun Certified Enterprise Architect...

I think this is a huge achievement on my career...

Now it�s time to celebrate a little bit )))

Thanks for your support�
Rafael Fernandes
Hey guys,
Let me try to explain my situation when taking the Part III of SCEA...
I took the SCEA Part III essay exam on (01/18/2008), everything was doing perfectly fine, questions regarding the assignment, on time, etc...

Finally, after reviews and so on, I clicked on [End] button of the Prometric's certification program. Guess what, I got an error in one bloody DLL ((It was trying to print something) and the application itself has closed.

Immediately I called the people to check, but they couldn't do anything at that moment, they've reboot the system and tried to recover or print out what was supposed to print, but they didn't succeed...

OK, no worries, they told me that they would open a case on prometric's bla bla bla... However, I still haven't receive any news from prometric/sun about it... it is now 1 month and nothing happens...

I changed 11 (ELEVEN) mails with the prometric people (suncert@prometric.com) and they keep saying that they are working on this issue...

Even worst, my essay has not been delivered to be grade yet, so it is gonna take ages, and I still don't know whether I have to take the Part III again or not, that's what scares me...

On the Prometric Test Center's website, on Candidate History, I can see my result as [Tested], that's all...

Does anyone of you had a similar issue?
Is there a way to escalate this?

Rafael Fernandes
Hi guys...
I'm a very happy brazilian guy that cleared the SCJP

I would like to say thank for all the help...
Thanks to Kathy and Bert for the best certification book that I ever seen..
Thanks to Marcus Green and Danchisholm's mocks exams

Thanks again,
SCJP 1.4
17 years ago