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Recent posts by Stefan Peuskens

Thanks Guys, I'll focus on Larman's book from now on.
Same question from my part. I also found Fowler's UML Distilled in the Third edition. If this is the wrong version for the exam please reply because I want to start reading asap
thx for all the advices
Ok Guys, It seems like you convinced me in doing 287. So I will start with the uml exam first.
I see one of you saying that he is using the book UML Distilled as a preparation. Is that book enough or do you need more books to read through?
On the ibm site they mention 2 books but these books seem to go out of production. Are these books still the right books? Do you need to study them both? Pls Advice
Can anyone help me with my decision. I'm thinking of doing ibm test 285 or 286. If I look at the objectives then it seems that they are much alike. Except that for 286 you need to be sun certified programmer. Since I already have SCJP, SCWCD and SCBCD I can do directly 286.
But where is 285 for then?
If I look at ibm's site the methods of preparation are not alike. For 285 there's one book specifically name "An Introduction to Web Application Development with IBM WebSphere Studio: WebSphere Certification Study Guide"
For the 286 there are several books. Do I have to read them all for 286 or is anyone of these book sufficient. I do not like reading and studying several books. All the other certificates I did it with reading ONE book, doing some mock's and doing the exam.

Please give me some advice on which exam and on which book to study from.
Ok, thx for the info sofar. The RMH book is best suited. I looked at it and it contains 900 pages. The other book for this examen only has 400 - 500 pages (Designing Web Services with the J2EE(TM) 1.4 Platform : JAX-RPC, SOAP, and XML Technologies) . Does this mean it does not contain all the necessary stuff.Or is the book not so good or madifficult to read. To my opinion 500 pages are more then enough to read.
Any ideas on when whizlabs will release their mocks?
I an thinking of doing this exam. The way I prepared myself for the other exams was reading the right book(f.e. Head First EJB for scbcd) and doing some mock exams (f.e softscbcd or whizlabs).
Which is THE book to read for this exam and are there mock exams out there which are good. I saw that whizlabs did not have any mock exams. Are there any other good mock exam providers.
And which book is right. I want a book that I can read which covers exactly the topics of this exam. No more no less if possible. I do not want to read specs or read multiple books because that takes to much time. Please advice.
In the HF Book is said that during the ejbCreate method of a stateless sessionbean the getEjbObject method can be called. How is this possible.
Isn't it so that the beans are created by the container and put in a pool and that the ejbobject is only created when a client comes by.
Please clarify