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Recent posts by Raghav Mathur

Looks like the problem got resolved by copying the modules into the JBOSS_HOME as specified on

for example copy the jar under

Hope this helps anyone who's migrating from a previous Jboss version to wildfly 8
10 years ago
I am trying to migrate my application ( EAR) from jboss 7.1 to wildfly . So to achieve this i copied over the configuration from standalone-full.xml from 7.1 to wildfly (8.0) ( datasources , queues etc ) . The app is not able to connect to any of the datasources defined . The same conf works on 7.1 but not on wildfly (8.0 ) . I see this error a lot on the console .

"JBAS014771: Services with missing/unavailable dependencies"
JBAS014613: Operation ("add") failed - address: ([
("subsystem" => "datasources"),
("data-source" => "Oracle11gDS_Pool")

Any inputs would help. Thanks
10 years ago
Not sure but curious to know whether you're using UTF-8 encoding in your
17 years ago
Not sure but curious to know whether you're using UTF-8 encoding in your soap request?
17 years ago

You should have the messages defined in your wsdl . for example

<message name="MySoapIn">
<part name="parameters" element="enr:My_Request"/>

where My_Request is your parameter which should defined in the <types>. Now this defined message will be plugged with the port. So My_Request becomes the input parameter for the method "testOperation"

<portType name="MySoap">
<operation name="testOperation">
<input message="s0:MySoapIn"/>
<output message="s0:SoapOut"/>

[ June 30, 2007: Message edited by: Raghav Mathur ]
17 years ago
The first level of validation should be done in the XMl schema itself.
17 years ago
Peer -

When and how does the WSDL come into picture. I understand that there are tools available to transform the contract into client object like xmlbeans as ulf mentioned.

What other purpose the WSDL have?
How does a web service and client abide by the contract/wsdl?
What if we do not have a wsdl in place?
17 years ago
Does this means that a pojo/ejb can be created from a WSDL which acts a webservice ?

Given the WSDL, it takes very little time to create a working client, since most WS engine come with tools that will generate the necessary Java classes for you (e.g., Axis comes with a tool called 'wsdl2java'). You won't have learned much by using the tool, but you'll have a working client.

[ June 11, 2007: Message edited by: Raghav Mathur ]
17 years ago

Can you please elaborate this. How does this contract(WSDL) between the client and the service work?

Originally posted by Mark D. Hansen:
SOA comes into play when you want to coordinate application A with application B, in a loosely-coupled manner, to automate a business process. If application A is in Java and application B is in C#, then you need some way for them to communicate.

17 years ago
True . I phrased it incorrectly .
SOAP (xml) uses both RPC style and document style for communication.

RPC - synchronous
Message Driven (document style) - Asynchronous and synchronous
17 years ago
SOAP is a protocol for the client to talk to the webservice. SOAP uses document style messaging where RPC is a remote procedure call system where the remote procedure / method is invoked via sending an xml.

Both these kind of messages are sent over HTTP protocol.

Originally posted by prabhu peruka:

I am confused on terminology used in WS.
1. Is a SOAP engine also called as RPC engine.
2. What are the different RPC engines avaiable.
3. When a plugin is provided in IDEs for the Webservices, whats the RPC engines used by each of these:
1. websphere
2. weblogic
3. InteliJ Idea
4. Eclips.


17 years ago
I am facing an issue while connecting to a specified URL via webservice control which returns in a java.net.Socket Exception.

I believe a Socket closed exception pops up when the calling client is not able to establish a handshake with the remote service/URL. Is there any other reason as to why this exception should occur?

If no then what i am facing is ( on a solais platform) that a socket exception takes 4 mins to pop up . I think if the handshake is unsucessful then Socket closed sould be returned instantly .

What could be going on here ? Has anyone faced this kind of an issue before?
I guess yes .

Here is a scenrio where you need to use the URL connection object on every thread acess . Now the best way to do this would be to reuse the connection objects from a pool of such objects.

Hope this helps.
17 years ago
WOW !!!

Good to see people still talking about even after 5 years !!! :-)

Anyways .. i agree with mark . Start talking about something new . why to carry on with the same old thing :-)

Originally posted by Mark Herschberg:
Generally speaking, we don't close threads here. That said, as this thread is 5 years old relating to time sensative topics, and was rather heated, I would strongly discourage people from continuing it and instead just start a new thread.


18 years ago