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I've tried this, the only thing needed to run the project is the jar and the database (any settings file is created automaticly). If the database is missing you get a nice failure message, if the jar is missing.... well lets not got there

For the rest nothing is needed, so I thing there something wrong with their system. Hopefuly the're going to give me some clues.
thanx, TJ. According to your topic this could take a while :roll:
I've tested that situation and it works.

I've send a mail to Sun hopefully they are willing to respond, because � realy don't know what to do now.

Four weeks ago I've uploaded my assignment and took the written exam. Today I've checked the database to find the following message:

Automatic failure. Your project does not execute in non-networked mode. In this mode, server and client run in the same JVM, and no network communication is allowed. When I typed "java -jar runme alone" I got a command-line message that said "Fatal error: java.lang.NullPointerException".

Needless to say that I've tested and retested my project on different machines and it worked on all of them.

Does anyone have experience with this or some tips how to proceed or what I could do to get some more info?