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Originally posted by fred rosenberger:
to be a little more blunt, you do not have a single "if" statement. You have four "if" statements that are all independent of each other.

Let's say your input is "RCA".

Your first "if" statement runs, is false, so nothing happens.

Your second "if" statement runs, is true, so you set the table name.

Your third "if" statement runs, is false, so nothing happens.

Your fourth "if" statement runs, is false, so you...???

Amazing expanation. Perfect example of 'to explain but not to spoon feed'
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13 years ago
check out new Nokia 6700. Its new slim phone Nokia has launched.
15 years ago
You can use




Out of these, megaupload is best because it fast and simple.
15 years ago
got the solution...

Jrun 3 can execute this

but Jrun 4 throws error in this....

this is the correct way

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[ July 03, 2006: Message edited by: Himanshu Bisht ]
16 years ago
hi Fred,

well all my pages used to work fine in JRun 3 but now are throwing this error. I have also update Jrun with update 4.


I guess it is some configuration problem.please suggest...
[ June 29, 2006: Message edited by: Himanshu Bisht ]
16 years ago

I dont know whether I am posting this in right forum or not.

I have run into a strange problem.

Recently we planned to upgrade out existing system running on JRun 3/JDK 1.3/IIS to JRun 4/JDK 1.4/IIS.

Now it is not able to find a package which I am using in most of my JSPs whereas its running fine in older configuration.Tried setting classpath in JRun and in windows env. but no use.

Please suggest...

16 years ago
I have a java program for sending mail.I am using gmail snmp for sending mail. Works absolutely fine.

Now I thought of using the same program (code) to send mail from JSP. Everything runs fine till it tries to send mail using


where as same thing runs fine in java.
Not able to figure out what and where I am incorrect.

Sending failed; nested exception is:
class javax.mail.AuthenticationFailedException

Note: cannot be an authentication error as same working fine in java program.
16 years ago
hi all,

I have been following this thread since it was created by Rathji as even I am in the same delima. Didn't post any comment as my knowledge about phones is limited.

After reading all the replies and researching a little myself, I found that though one can blindly trust Nokia but this model 6230i initially had few problems


Hope Nokia has fixed all the bugs.

Regarding SE 750i, I think is stylish with bigger screen (atleast compared to 6230i) and cystal clear sound since its SONY.

A very interesting thing I read in these revires is this

A major disadvantage I recently found out is that: THERE'S NO MPEG/MP4 PLAYER for the K750i! You can only watch your own videos.

So I am kinda confused. Any suggestions ???
[ May 02, 2006: Message edited by: Himanshu Bisht ]
16 years ago
Software Engineering: A Practitioner's Approach

by: Roger Pressman


is a good book.Detailed and easy to understand
16 years ago
Recognition score ( if you saw it )

Your score: 91%
Average score: 92%

Temporal memory score ( when you saw it )

Your score: 95%
Average score: 68%
16 years ago

it can be implemented very easily using Javamail API.

-Download the files.
-set mail & activation jars in your classpath.
-run the tutorial available there(it will help in configuring javamail)
-implement it in you project.
16 years ago
good one !!!
16 years ago

Originally posted by David O'Meara:
Garbage, the knocked over trash can.

In you defence, I didn't give any locations

It could be Trash
16 years ago
spoon (near beach boys)
16 years ago
deep purple (the windows behind).
16 years ago