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Recent posts by Jay Pawar

I would say just reading the concepts is not sufficient. You need to write small programs based on those concepts. Break the code, understand the compiler error and tweak the code in all possible way.
You need to instantiate the object as shown below

In your example
b= null;
System.out.println(b instanceof Integer) // false
this is equivalent to
System.out.println(null instanceof Integer) // false

Hope that helps
did you try verifying on amazon.com ?

Originally posted by Satou kurinosuke:
To prevent the superclass's method from behind called ? (if the abstract method contains some implementation)

Abstract methods cannot have implementation.

Originally posted by Dipti Mishra:

Thanks for such a quick response.Actually this was asked to one of my friends in the interview.....


There is a separate forum available for these kind of questions. Here is the link Java Beginners
Write a sample code and check the explanation given by compiler.

Originally posted by Brandon Tom:

If I removed the 'final' it would then become and override and then it would break. Is that correct?

Even if you remove the final keyword, the methods are private and private methods are not inherited. So there is no question of overriding them.
Hope I didn't confuse you...
From past experiences, it seems that the score achieved on Marcus' exams closely resembles the actual one.
Hope that helps you to make decision.
Ja Vardhan,
Only methods can be overriden. Variables are never overriden.
Hello Abdi Duale,
Naresh has given very good explanation. Tip for ~ calculation, to save the time during the actual exam.

~x = - (x+1)
So ~5 = - (5+1) = -6
and ~-5 = -(-5+1) = 4

* Do NOT try to cram things at the last minute.
* In K&B book at the end of every chapter, there are summary points ( I forgot what the author's term for that ), go through them.
* Revise the table shown in the Collections chapter.
* Finally, I would suggest you carry bottle of water during your exam. Need to keep your body hydrated to think well.

Good Luck !!!
[ December 29, 2005: Message edited by: Jay Pawar ]

Originally posted by Karthik Rajashekaran:
Here we know that for >> we use formula as x/2topower of n and for << we use x * 2to power of n

then how we use this for the following one.

b << 33 is equivalent to b << ( 33 % 32) i.e b << 1