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Recent posts by Rishi Ugersain Chopra

Also, just wanted to pass along a compliment about the forum; having never seen a BBS that automatically selects threads that are similar to a given posting (as evident from the post referencing two threads & being submitted as such) the discovery of the same was a neat surprise - thank you!

= D

(Adding a thread in response to the dialog will have to wait until the next attempt - as a search turned up '' in response to "invalid email address"... but said thread doesn't have the word "invalid" and doesn't appear to be of a form accepted by the system...)
6 years ago

Same problem as the linked threads, i.e. a private message (PM) stating the account's electronic mail address is invalid; however, the address is valid (account has been in existence for a long time & no change was made to the address) - and unique.  Is it possible the policy was changed - and, in the process, domain owners who use unique addresses were overlooked (e.g. '' went from being valid to invalid because the domain's name is part of the address)?  If not, perhaps a transient problem resulted in the address being aggressively marked invalid (i.e. marked invalid on the first failed attempt)?

The last message received from the forum (a monthly newsletter) was 'Wed, Nov 5, 2014 at 2:19 AM'; the notice regarding the address was received '11/6/2014 9:49:41 PM'.  Of course, no mail to the address/from the forum after that...

= /

PS:  Thanks in advance for any time & attention afforded to the same...

= )
6 years ago
According to a Sun Educational Services rep I talked to today (1)exam vouchers are transferable and (2) can even be used for any test of the same price.

I talked to Sun Educational Services. Vouchers are (1) transferable and (2) can be used for ANY exam of the same price.
18 years ago
After working through the Sierra & Bates book I realized that I am only prepared for the SCJP 1.4 and not SCJP 1.5 - since my time for studying is limited and certification is no longer applicable to my job I'm not too keen on studying for the 1.5 exam for which I've already purchased a US voucher (oops).

Is anyone willing to trade exam vouchers? My exam voucher was purchased from Sun in November and is good until November 2006 for the SCJP 1.5 exam. It would be really neat if someone has a 1.4 voucher and would like to do a straight trade for 1.5, though if you are planning on taking the test and haven't purchased a voucher yet I could offer you $25 if you can help me out and buy a 1.4 voucher for trade. I guess I could also sell you the voucher for a discount, though I think forum rules might prohibit me from making that offer

Just so you know I'm on the up-and-up I'll let you use the voucher to register for your test first before asking for you voucher/cash. You can also check my home page for my address, phone number, and EBay feedback...
18 years ago
Also, can I post an offer to sell my exam voucher in the same place?
18 years ago
Can I post an offer to trade my SCJP 1.5 exam voucher for an SCJP 1.4 exam voucher in the "Programmer Certification (SCJP)" forum? If I can't post it there, where can I post it?
18 years ago
I have the Sierra & Bates book for the SCJP 1.4 exam and have studied it inside and out.

I'd ultimately like to get certified via the SCJP 1.5 exam - is there a good way to cover the difference in material or is the best option to wait until the new book is released? Not sure if it's better to wait and possibly risk forgetting what I've learned so far (not to mention spend even more time with the new edition of the book) or just take a best shot with what I know right now. Anyone look at the exam simulator from Whizlabs?

BTW, Amazon originally had the release date set for 11/30/2005 but looks like it's now 1/31/2006...

Originally posted by Jesse Torres:
So what are the correct and current job numbers for the U.S?

675,000 software engineers as of 2002 according to US Government's BLS (Bureau of Labor and Statistics); maybe more like 750,000 today.

Also of note is that software engineering jobs constitute (depending on the survey) 10-15% of all IT jobs in the US, meaning 6 million to 9 million US IT jobs total.
19 years ago

Here's the story, for what it's worth; keep in mind this is a research report and just one opinion.

One thing to note is that the report estimates the total number of US IT jobs to be 15 Million by 2010; that number is significantly more than most other reports/estimates that I've seen and could mean the percenteage of IT jobs at US companies filled by Indians would be much higher than 15% by 2004 if the growth of US IT jobs filled by Indians in India continues. That number also is all-inclusive, since the number of software engineers is ~5%-10% of that based on 2004 Bureau of Labor and Statistics.
19 years ago
BTW, congratulations to Garishma.

I also hope things worked out for Raghav.
19 years ago
Accenture here in the US sucks!

I went for an interview for a developer position in California. I wasn't asked any programming questions and the offer I recieved was 2/3 of market rate. They also wanted to bring me in at the absolute lowest payscale.

To their credit they have great benefits, but to be sure they are a jobshop: They work you to death and bill their clients at a rate of 2x what they pay you.
19 years ago

Originally posted by Rishi Ugersain Chopra:
BTW, I also sent an email to Kathy and Bert =)

Looks like Kathy and Bert (1) do not check their PMs on this board and (2) don't respond to their published email addresses.
19 years ago
Sorry, I didn't realize that was a pay site!

My advice would be to look for sample questions to the 9i SQL (#1Z0-007) and 9i Administration I (#1Z0-031) tests, then sign-up to take the 10g (#1Z0-042) test. The differences between 9i and 10g are small and there's definitely a cost benefit between two tests (~$250+) to one test (~$125+).

There's an abundance of free questions for 8i and 9i, and many of the basic concepts have not changed (notable exceptions is OMF).

Actually my Big 5 background was with the UK part of an outfit now calling itself Bearing Point in the US. KPMG. Breaking Point is more like it.... [/QB]

Yeah, I had an offer from BearingPoint to work in Redmond at MS as a maangement consultant (whatever that is), but the offer wasn't as cherry (~$45k/yr., no relocation, etc.)
19 years ago