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marc weber

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since Aug 31, 2004
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Recent posts by marc weber

Bear Bibeault wrote:This computer pre-dates monitors -- you interpret the output from the sounds it makes.

In that case, all I'm getting is "Fatal Error."

Campbell Ritchie wrote:If you go letting her find out you have a rash, there is no point in even trying.

...unless she's a Princess of Pharmacology (and does not currently have a restraining order against you).
I finally got a new computer! It's used, but I've been assured it's a very powerful machine. My question is: Where do I plug in the monitor?

I have tried these suggestions, but the restraining order is still in effect.
My irritating and unsightly rash is spreading and the itch is worsening. I have a tube of cortisone ointment, but it expired yesterday ("EXP 03 031 2013"). My pharmacist retired on approximately the same date (when the restraining order went into effect). My question is: Should I continue using steel wool without the ointment?

Pat Farrell wrote:... You sure this is heaven? Or perhaps its really hell?

Yes, this is heaven. I mean, we still have Facebook, so... Uh, wait a second.
7 years ago
I know! We'll use the Facebook! But first, let's split up.
7 years ago
My reply to technical issues at work today is, "I'm fairly certain it will be resolved by 11:11 UTC tomorrow."
7 years ago

Bear Bibeault wrote:Nope, bashing Microsoft is so last decade. Bashing Apple is the new fad.

Well, since Microsoft so thoroughly bashes themselves with every product launch, it kind of takes the fun away.
7 years ago

Bear Bibeault wrote:Sort of like asking: "Which do you prefer? Hives? Or poison ivy?"

I'm interested in MS Hives, but confused by all the different versions they offer.
7 years ago
The Krampus is hysterical (now). But to really scare children, make them watch the 1959 Mexican film, "Santa Clause."

I own this on DVD, and it makes for freaky adult viewing all year.
7 years ago
As a Notes developer, I prefer Apple's Mail client.
7 years ago
I appreciate bad reviews, but some reviewers are unnecessarily cruel -- seemingly more interested in demonstrating their own cleverness than saying much worthwhile.
7 years ago

Bear Bibeault wrote:Here ya go!

Perfect! I'm on my way to dual-handed, 77-button (DH77B) mousing!
7 years ago

Paul Clapham wrote:Okay, but your keyboard doesn't roll around on wheels...

Not yet, but I'm buying some casters to bolt on.
7 years ago