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Recent posts by Sharika Raj

is a closing element.There is no start element, so it is not wellformed.You can use <yourElement> </yourElement> or <yourElement/> if element value is empty.

Vasim are you working in bangalore. I have seen lots of office mails with same name.
Hi all,

I passed SCWCD with 84% after 2.5 weeks preparation.I don't have working exp in jsp/servlet earlier.Used HF and did some mock tests. Studied like 2 hours weekdays and 6-7 hours on weekends.

For me toughest part was EL and Building custom Tag library

Thanks to all..
Hi all,
I have some doubts in Web security chapter moch questions(Page 664)
1. Question 6 Which security mechanism can be implemened by using HttpServletRequest?
Book Answer A.authorization and C. Authentication
I am not able to understand how authentication can be implemented prog. by calling getRemoteUser.API says Returns the remote user if authenticated.
That means authentication is implemented through DD, before we call these methods.If so answer is just Authrization.pls help me understand what is corect

2. Question 9. Whcih authentication mechanism is recommended if only cookies or SSL Sesstion tracking is in place?
Book Answer Form based (reason Form based login session tracking can be difficult to implement, therefore a separate session tracking mechanish is recommened)
Why HTTP BASIC can not be used? Is SSL session tracking different from HTTPSession tracking? is HttpSessionTracking enough for FORM authorization?

Please help ASAP. I will be writing test in few days.

Hi All,
I am preparing for scwcd usinf HF and planning to read Mikaliai's Note.But design pattern is covered in HF only.Is that enough to get a good understanding of design patterns? Also for exam? I don't know if I will get time to read Blueprint.But If its required for exam I will try to find some time or adjust test date based on that.Please advice .
Actually I am busy at work these days, but I can not keep away my preparation..Getting stressed with these two.Thought of writing test as soon and enjoy work after that :-) .Since I started visiting javaranch I am addicted to certification and that gives me lot of confidence in that area .Thanks to all

Thanks in advance for the advice
Please ignore my earlier message
I resolved the problem
I was using Intellij IDEA. When I start typing <listener-class>
It automatically shows up that element and I accepted that. Actually they added listner-class instead od listener-class. Bug In IDEA???
Anyway all my listeners are getting invoked now
I didn't think deeply whether question is about Listeners in a package.
I have some doubts
One of the correct answer is C ServletContextListener can be used to perform an action when servlet context is about to be shutdown.

I am not able to understand this.I know there is a method contextDestroyed(..). I thought this will be called when context is detroyed, not before destroying.Can someone tell me what is correct.
I am trying to setup a requestlistener which will print messages when request is initialized and destroyed. But my println statements from this listner are not getting printed.Not sure if its activated or not.How can I find out that?Println statements in servlet, I can see on console.Still i cudn't find any file which contains console contents.Pls help...
web.xml contains <listener> element correctly.

Thanks In Advance
Hi ,
I don't have any experience in servlets/JSP.I am reading HF book. I have a doubt about RequestDispatch. In Chapter 3 I did the example which forwards the request to a JSP Page.My doubt is how to dispatch if I want to to send same request to multiple servlets and collect their responses and finally send a single response back to client? Is it possible to dispatch to multiple servlets? Is there a way to get the control back once those servlets finish thier work?

Hi Razvan,
Congratulations for getting such a great score

I read your reply about Professional XML. Can you please tell me where I can find good reference for Schema?
Is Essential XML QuickReference good for that area?

Hi all,

I went through many listings and little bit confused as which book to buy.
It seems most people referred the following books. I am planning to buy one of these.Please tell me which one is good for cert preparation? Also which one will help for actual work?

1. Essential XML Quick Reference by Aaron Skonnarad and Martin Gudgin

2. Professional XML Quick Reference 2nd Edition

Thanks a lot
is there any site like codeproject for java & webservices?

Hi all,
i am trying to learn query and got a basic question
I was trying out conputed constructor to create document and elements and want to make resulting document to preseve whitespace.
I read to add "declare xmlspace preserve;" in query prolog. so i did the following

declare xmlspace preserve;

document {

element book {
attribute year {1234},
element author {
element last {"Grir"},
element first {"Bin"}
element price {123}

Still result doc does't have space.. am I doing anything wrong? didn't see any sample which shows usage so I am bit confused

Can somebody help me
I got my certificate

Thanks to all