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Recent posts by siva kumar

what is the clustering mechanism used in WS.
how the httpsession failover is taken care by WS Clustering
18 years ago
how to generate Reports in Rational XDE Model
how to display service mark symbol sm in java programs
18 years ago
what is the differences between the hashtable and weak hashtable.

What is called weak references
18 years ago
what are the ports used by the jboss server apart.
some ports are dynamically used by the jboss server.what are they.
18 years ago
what are the patterns used in struts frame work ,where exactly used
18 years ago
Cay any one tell which is the best opensource project for Writing Junit Testcases for Email Functionalites written using java mail api
18 years ago
i'm using java mail to send emails.
If i give 2 email addresses for to addresses,
if one is invalid the exception is thrown and email is not sent to valid to address also.but i want email to b sent to b sent to valid address
how to do that.
How to convert a java project in to web project in WSAD.
can any one give me details about
what are the adavanatages of DynaForm over ActionForm apart from writing getter and setter methods.
Disadvantage and drawbacks of using DynaActionForm.
18 years ago
how can i implement Wait page in struts frame work.
after delay is over how can i pass form to the action.
[ January 24, 2005: Message edited by: siva kumar ]
18 years ago
I have deployed my war file on JBOSS.
i'm having and in the
but the server is not taking the file.
The logging is done based on the parameters specifed server\default\conf\log4j.xml only.

how to disable that and make the server the use my file.
18 years ago
how to configure the commons-logging for JOBSS.

I'M HAVINg and under WEB-INF\CLASSES.i'm using the RollingFileAppender.but the logging messages are displayed on the console window.
here the two properties file.

log4j.appender.R.layout.ConversionPattern=%d{ISO8601} %p %c[%t] - %m%n
18 years ago