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Recent posts by James Hambrick

I am looking for work in Atlanta. To be able to keep my house(1.5 hours away) until I can sell it while renting an apartment or extended stay hotel to save up money to move I will need a lot more money than I currently make. Plus the cost of living is different from where I live. I think the avg pay in my town is $36K while the avg in Atl is $70k(estimated by the recruiters I talk to).

I think I've just decided to stick with PL/SQL for my next job since I have the experience to get a mid level job doing that. Hopefully I can find one that has Java roles that I can move into. Or Preferably a role which is heavy PL/SQL and some Java/C#. Then maybe I can transition.
10 years ago
thanks, I did not know how to simulate the ETL requirement at home which is one of my sticking points. I have been looking for Oracle jobs with some C# or Java too. So I can get in with my Oracle experience and also do more Java/C#.

There always seems to be a job candidate that has a little more experience than me, been like that for 2 years now so i guess I'm in line until my skills are up to speed and everyone with more experience is already hired.

10 years ago
So I have been in the market for awhlie and I guess to increase my chances of getting a job I have applied for C# jobs, PL/SQL jobs and Java jobs. My job currently I am a Database Analyst and I do support with some PL/SQL programming and some C# when needed.

Seeing as I do not do any of these as a full time job I don't know enough about any to get a job doing it specifically.

I know c# but not ASP.Net
I know Pl/SQL but not ETL or Oracle Forms/Reports etc
I know Java but do not know Spring,Hibernate or any of the other 10 things that are in the job descriptions.

I am having trouble choosing one, I really would like to get a job in Java but afraid that without actual work experience I will not be able to get the salary needed.
I am looking into trying for my OCAJP cert but afraid that will not help me get a non entry level job. My resume shows 7 years experience with Oracle and Pl/SQL with 2-3 years of C#. These years are not full time development. But the longer I go in this job that more Oracle experience and C# experience I get.

So what are the chances of getting a mid level Java job with just a Cert some good java example code, a good score on a company test and a great Interview? I just cannot afford to go back down 30k for an entry level job.

10 years ago
Can I take the OCPJP7 without any prerequisites? I seen on the Oracle site that the programmer cert required the associate cert first which required the programmer cert before that. So this is confusing to me.

On the site linked above talking about the OCPJP7
"To get certified with this certification, the candidates must be already certified with the OCAJP (Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE Programmer). However, there is no prerequisite to take the OCPJP exam (code: 1Z0-804). If you were certified with SCJP 5 or OCPJP 6, you can take the upgrade exam 1Z0-805."

So in one sentence it says you must take the OCAJP before the OCPJP7 then in teh very next sentence it says you don't have to. Which is it?
I had a handle on the certs before Sun was bought by Oracle(been awhile since I've looked at them). Now I have no idea which test to take and what prerequisites there are. Once I figure out which test then I need to find the best book for the test. I like the Sierra/Bates books. I actually have this book now and I have studied it for awhlie

SCJP Sun Certified Programmer for Java 6 Exam 310-065--Sierra/Bates

I have no work experience with Java but I have taken a college course on it and use it at home. I want to become a Java developer and hope that this certification will help me find a job doing that.

In summary
1. What test to take?
2. What book to study?
3. In your opinion can someone without Java work experience and a cert get a non entry level Java job?

If this has already been asked then please link to the post, I did a search and did not find anything.

I have the source code to my Java Chat program on my blog. If anyone wants to download the txt files and look over them that would be great! Please reply here with any suggestions to make the code better. I think this was written with Java 1.5 so any improvements to Java have not been added.


Also comments on my blog to help others that do not frequent this site would help too.

11 years ago
I am looking at the HTML and see that for the part that works the variable is shown as the value of the variable, while the one that does not work shows <FN:VALUE-OF select="26GaugeTotal" /> as the value. I am not real sure what namespaces are, but I am trying to access the fn namespace whlie inside a xsl loop namespace. Not sure if that matters. Here's the HTML

As far as all the font tags, this is a template made by another company, I am just modifying and with time constraints I just need for it to work for now.
I have a XSLT file that creates a HTML table. I have added a few rows and display a variable in them. Here's the relevenat code.

When I run the report the rows I added look fine except for the cells that are supposed to show the variables. The borders of those cells looks washed out not like the others. I an new to this if you could not tell and this is probably a beginner problem.


Bear Bibeault wrote:Give it a try and see if it results in the appearance that you want.

I have this in my style.css

Which works as a multi-line code box, but now anything I type after the 'end PRE' ends up beside the 'code box' and not below it. UGH!

Bear Bibeault wrote:The <code> tag is an inline element, not a block element. Why aren't you using <pre>?

pre as it sits does not put the text inside a box like I want. Should I just change by style.css so it says pre instead of code?
I am wanting to style a code tag on my website that works much like most do on forums like this one. Right now I have the yellow background and different font working fine on single line code, but once I try multi-line code I run into problems. For a two line code it shows two yellow boxes that overlap each other. I essentially have to put new lines between them until they line up. There has to be an easier way.

This is what I have on for my code tag in my style.css

You can see a post I have with code tags here


I do not have any multi-line examples since they do not look right.
Okay here's the situation. This DB has metadata tables. An example table name would be g3e_attribute. Once you insert a record into a metadata table a insert trigger runs and insert records into the g3e_attribute_0009 table(language table is what I call it). It would insert into g3e_attribute_000C is the default language was French. There is also a delete trigger so that if you delete a record from a metadata table it removes it from the corresponding language table. Well somehow we have entries in the language tables that are not in the metadata table. This is causing a problem with the system.

There are 139 language tables so I prefer not to do this manually.

So I am wanting to do this code

delete from <language table> where <primary key> not in(select <primary key> from <metadata table>);

So I need to loop through the table and and corresponding primary keys.

I have this code to get the table names
select table_name,substr(table_name,0,(length(table_name)-5)) from all_tables where table_name like 'G3E_%_000%';

This displays both the language table and metadata tale names.
Since the language table has either _0009 or _000C as a suffix I take everything but the last 5 characters to get the metadata table.

And I have the code to find the primary key of the table.

So I just need to loop through all the tables. Putting these pieces together is where I run into a problem. I started making a procedure but i ran into an issue.

When you loop you move the current record of the explicit cursor into a variable. Well you can define the variable as a vertain column type(%TYPE), or row type(%ROWTYPE). Well the sql I use to create the cursor is taking columns from more than one table and is returning three columns. So I am unsure how ot define the variable. The only work around i found was to make a table that has table,table,column_name. The define the variable as that rowType.

Is there a simplier way to do this?


12 years ago
Any ideas why I have to wait ~5 minutes before it displays on the screen?
12 years ago
I am having trouble getting the HelloAndriod example to work.

Here is the link to the example I am talking about


I have copied the code verbatium.

I have added the Andriod 3.2 virtual device.

And when I created the project I created an Andriod 2.2 project.

When I run the code it shows a blank screen. Any tips? Let me know and I can supply screen shots or more information.

12 years ago
With my code the server gets a message when the client disconnects so that particular user is taken off the list then. I also add users to the list when they are authenticated by the server. So with my code there is no need to have a thread updating the arraylist on a set interval.
12 years ago