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Can you please send me a resume if you are still looking for a job. Here is the position we are looking to fill:

Sr. Java Developer / Hand-held Device Architect


JumpStart Wireless, located in south Florida, seeks a highly motivated senior Java developer and system architect to build the future of wireless business applications. JumpStart�s innovative technology automatically generates wireless business applications from high-level XML descriptions.
JumpStart Wireless has many new large customers and significant partnerships with Nextel and IBM. We are growing fast with customers, relationships and opportunities. We seek senior level Java developers with experience in J2ME and other hand-held technologies talking to n-tier web-systems architecture and EJB. All of our systems leverage Java technologies and the Linux operating system.

We seek developers who are ready to invent the cutting edge. This position includes all the challenges, demands, and opportunities of a startup environment, including demanding work loads and significant stock options. The position will report to the Vice President of Technology.

2.Duties include:

� System design and architecture using Java and Linux.

� Code development in Java including J2ME for Nextel, RIM-Blackberry, Nokia and other platforms.

� Code development in JumpStart Wireless proprietary XML-based forms definition language.

� Leadership and mentoring of junior staff.

� Customer requirements analysis.

� Project planning.

3.Skills Required:

� J2ME experience with Nextel, RIM-Blackberry, Nokia or similar handheld platforms

� Linux skills including the ability to write and maintain shell and/or Perl scripts.

� Ability to manage multiple tasks with varying levels of priority, difficulty, and duration.

� Self starting and self managing.

� The following skills and experience are a plus:

oJ2EE development including EJB and JSP.

oSQL skills used for querying and examining complex database implementations.


oExperience with high-availability server sites (web or other).

� Experience with the following platforms are a plus:

oWindows Mobile for MS Pocket PC and MS Smartphones

oJBoss, WebSphere, or WebLogic
15 years ago