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Recent posts by jhon Reader

Hi friends ,
I today cleared the exam by 90 % ,

but its strange to find that minimum pass percentage for exam is 64

There is also another problem is with EJB-QL kind of problem where we
have make qurey like we make in JDiscuss ,here if we want review our
query out previous qurey is lost ,thus we have to rework from starting
I lost one question because of this in the end

EJB-OL also contain minor differences such as Customer and customer
that u to be very carefull

Other then this question are very clear and no confusion as we have some
time in mock test ,Number of correct answer really helps

Mikalai Zaikin's SCBCD Guide on day before is very help full,

lot of thanks to this javaranch SCBCD circle and specially
Valentin Crettaz , more participation is expected from Kathy Sierra,

Thanks to Kathy for exceptionally wonderfull book

Thanks a lot again
19 years ago
sorry, i pressed ok after writing half question

this is eclipse
which is not able to find javax.ejb package
what should i do to get rid of this problem
what i have to do get rid of this problem,
here i am using example to explain my doubt
Let there is user X
suppose userid of X is :XYZ
password of user X is :ABC

now from client how this how user X will send this information
so that principal object can used to identify its permissions

I am not able make more connection to database
it say no of connection is over ie 150
what should i do to make more connection as per my requierment
can s/w engg from INDIA apply
19 years ago
i heard for jdk 1.5 ,
sun has tested it for 500 gb of ram
check it out if it is correct
19 years ago
much simple
how web-server comes to know he is serving clerk or admin
I feel i am not able two explain my question earlier .
suppose two client make request ,
A admin
B clerk

so in this case what information from client part has been sent to the server ,so that server can determine which one is A and which one is B.
once A and B are identified then server can determine which one admin
and who is clerk
how client specify
i am admin or manager or clerk
or i belong to this role
where can i get example where c and cpp
are used to access ejbs
can anybody give me the sample deployment descriptor for this case
beanness could be exactly defined as ?