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Personally, I will start with the study guide from Manning. Very simple to read, starts from the basics...very cohesive and concise...simple language...explains each concept well...
Get the study guide from Manning which is pretty concise and cohesive, at least in my opinion:
Yes, Amit, you can prepare in 20 days. Get the concise exam study guide: that is from Manning:
Yes K&B is good, but only for 1.4. Is the SCJP 5.0 version of the book out yet? I havn't seen it. There are very important additions in the exam objectives of SCJP for J2SE 5.0, and to cover that K&B will need to be modified...I don't what their plans are...
I agree. I would recommend SCBCD before SCWCD. I would also consider taking a look at the SCBCD Study Kit from Manning:
The HF and Manning together will be enough to pass the exam easily.
Good Luck.
Yes, Vishwa, I am going through the ebook version, it reads pretty good actually, very cohesive and concise, yet comprehensive. I have communicated with the author and learned that the printed version will start appearing in the book stores by the end of June.
Or try the other exam book by Manning:
May be both of these put together will take care of the allergic effect :-).
SCBCD (after you prepare it well) is lot easier than SCJP. You have to understand the concepts pretty well. Two good books that will help you:
SCBCD Study Kit from Manning
Head First EJB (O'Reilly).
The ebook version of SCBCD is already released:
The hard copy version (according to Manning, check FAQ on the above URL) will be released by June 9. I checked the FAQ on the page cited above.
Another good book for a beginner is from Manning:
SCBCD Study Kit
Although, like Head First EJB, it's meant for the exam, but it does a pretty good job in presenting the material in a cohesive way and in simple language (I've read the ebook version).
If you are a beginner, allow yourself a couple of months (part time). I would first go through the material in detail trying to understand it, and the second time from the exam view point. There are two books in the market that will help a lot:
SCBCD study kit (Manning)
Head First EJB (O'Reilly).
And here is the answer to your next question :-).
The good books for preparing for the SCBCD exam are:
SCBCD Study Kit by Manning
Head First EJB (O'Reilly).
Good luck.
The pre-requisite is Basic Java (SCJP).
For the EJB Test jsut pick up any of the following books:
SCBCD Study Kit
Head First EJB (O'Reilly).
You'll be fine.
17 years ago
Two good Books:
EJB Head First
SCBCD Study Kit from Manning: