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Recent posts by mohit mehta


I am very new to J2ME technology.
Even I dont know whether this question is appropriate for this section.
if it is not than please i appologise for that.
Now here is my problem
We are having one web based application where Internet user can upload images and other details from their local machine.
Now in same application we want to give access through Mobile and there also we want to allow user to share their photo or images through Mobile.
Currently written api upload image only on submit but as i know in mobile we cant have any such submit button method.
it should start uploading on click.
Does anyone has any idea how can Mobile should communicate to Web application to upload image.

Waiting for your reply.
Thank you in advance.
18 years ago
Thanx a ton Scott.
finally I am able to test my application compression ratio.
even today i found one more example in tomcat example servlet where they are providing way to test compression.

in tomcat 5.0 inside servlets-examples folder you can get CompressionFilter and CompressionTest also.

Once again thank you very much for such great help.

18 years ago

I am working on one Struts-AJAX combination based project.
Where we are loading many text/xml on client machine in response.
Now due to this Web application has became very slow.
One way we found is to compress HTTP response and i found few example on that, like using Compressionfilter to wrap response in Gzip stream[refe tomcat examples for CompressionFilter implementation]
Now I have implemented that in our application and application is running without any problem also.
But i want to test about how much data compression is taken place in this?

Can anyone tell me how to about this?

How can i get datacompression rate?

Please suggest me some idea.

It will be great help if reply as soon as possible.

18 years ago
How to do connection pooling in weblogic 7.0?
can you give me steps of how to do that?
please help me this is interview question?
what is the use of two different type of deployment descriptor?
1 J2EE deployment descriptor.
2 runtime deployment descriptor
Hi this is interview question

will the "view" get refreshed immediatly when you update a database table if it doen't get refreshed immediatly ,what method you use to refresh it?
19 years ago
can it be possible to have 2 web application in 1 web.xml?how to call between them?how servlet of different application call each other?
19 years ago