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Recent posts by Nitin Bhagwat

Just trying to move '*' after single mouse click. Looks like paint method is executed only once even it is in for loop.
Thank you in advance.

18 years ago
Hope this is right forum for this question...

Just trying to move '*' after single mouse click. Looks like paint method is executed only once even it is in for loop.
18 years ago
Congratulations Steve !

Thank you Jugal,
If you are not aware of OO concept, i would like to suggest to just get to know some important points of OO concept. (actual program practice may not be necessary). I used Java 2 The complete reference book for study. This book is not for Exam, this book is good for beginners. This book covers very nice part of OO. If you decide reading of this book, then after this book , it would be nice idea to read some other books specially written for exam. List of these book can be found on Java ranch FAQ section.
Wish you all the best !
18 years ago
It would be nice if some one can inform me -

What is the future for Game development using Java Technology?

Are there any games in Java similar to Xbox or playstation etc..?

Since Game industry is rapidly increasing and will increase in future...Will Sun compete with other tools/languages of game development?
Thank you,
18 years ago
Thank you Manny !
18 years ago
Questions on String and StringBuffer may include methods of String and StringBuffer. It is possible you may get question similar using addition sign or using += sign with string and / or using methods like append, replace etc.

There was question of confirming string immutibility - Question was about passing string as a parameter to another method and changing string value in another method. We have to select appropriate value of string after that method completion.

I think, similar questions were studied in SCJP forum. You can search forum for "Sting" or "StringBuffer" and you may get lot of questions about Sting or StringBuffer.

Hope this helps you.
[ December 21, 2004: Message edited by: Nitin Bhagwat ]
18 years ago
Thank you Jay,
Before exam I saw exam hall and all facilities provided by test center. Then I scheduled exam with that center. Exam time provided was 2 hrs. You may take sample test before actual exam. We may take survey (optional) after exam.

Exam level was not hard. There are some tricky questions. If we complete .this list of mock exam, with good score we are good to go�

There are questions from String and StringBuffer (this is not covered in syllabus!!)
As per agreement I can not disclose exact questions, but Java Ranch is best place to get exact idea of type of questions we can expect in real exam.

Hope this helps
[ December 21, 2004: Message edited by: Nitin Bhagwat ]
18 years ago
Hello All,

Passed SCJP 1.4 with 88% marks.

I came to know about this forum very late and was not aware there are special books for exam!!

Used Java 2 The complete reference book for study. This book is good but not designed for exam. It was a good experience working in AS/400 and learning Java in rest of the time!!

I am thankful to Moderators and all those who helped me to understand.

Sorry Barry, I am aware that we should post exam results in the Sun Certification Results forum. But I must thank you to all of those helped me to understand Java concept.
18 years ago

I thought you could understand from this simple example..

Here is detail explanation, hope this helps you:

when you run code "as it is", it is giving you error of "Non static variable reference from static context"

This DOESNOT mean same as "variable not found".

When you change code to keep private and include static, then code works fine.. why?
amethod is static and can access only static data.
Since, variable is now static, amethod can access it and your program works fine.
here is sample code you can play and think for:
This code gives you access violation rule.
Try this code changing from private to public for variable j..
Still if you do not understand, you need to read basics of access modifiers.

Ans 3 is correct.

Change second line of your program to :

static private int i;

and think..
This site

Getting error as :

Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object in /home/mgreen/public_html/phezam/Exam.class.php on line 74
Hello Marcus,

Examulator is a collections of great questions. We learn a lot from it. Currently it is not working. After pressing "Submit Answer" is gives error.
You are requested to correct it so we guys can get benefit of it.
Thank you for such a wonderful collections.
i %= 4 ==> 2
j<<= 2 ==> 12
k-=j ==> -5
p+=k ==> 25
'v' is variable. Variables can not be garbage collected.
Very nice explanation Mike, Thank you !