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Recent posts by Justin

One of the things mentioned in HFE is that MessageDrivenBeans should use only Required or NotSupported as Tx attributes.

But since the container calls the MDB's onMessage method, we can assume that the onMessage call is called without any tx context.

It will be like this when Required is used

                            (Tx A)
Container    --->    Container
(no tx)                        (No tx)

Wont it be the same when when the RequiresNew is used too?

Also we assume that when the container calls NotSupports, it is calling without any tx context. If that is the case, why cant Supports be a valid attribute (because Supports and NotSupported will look the same)?

So why cant we use it them?
[ November 21, 2004: Message edited by: Justin ]
The following segment is from JSP 2.0 Spec

JSP.7.3.1 Identifying Tag Library Descriptors
Tag library descriptor files have names that use the extension .tld, and the
extension indicates a tag library descriptor file. When deployed inside a JAR file,
the tag library descriptor files must be in the META-INF directory, or a subdirectory
of it. When deployed directly into a web application, the tag library descriptor
files must always be in the WEB-INF directory, or some subdirectory of it. TLD
files should not be placed in /WEB-INF/classes or /WEB-INF/lib.

In HFS, it is mentioned in number of places (and also there is a question in Mock exam), that TLD files can be placed in any subdirectory of WEB-INF.

So is HFS correct?

[ October 23, 2004: Message edited by: Justin ]
[ October 23, 2004: Message edited by: Justin ]
In the question, the sample auth-constraint tags are given as


Should it be like this? Based on the security chapter, I would image the tags should be like

22. Which JSP code would you use to include static content in a JSP?

a. <%@ include file="/segments/footer.html" %>
b. <%@ forward page="/segments/footer.html" %>
c. <%jsp:include page="/segments/footer.html" %>
d. RequestDispatcher dispatcher = request.getRequestDispatcher("/segments/footer.html");

The answer for the above question was given as (a) and (c)

My question is - Why is (d) not a correct answer too?

If not why?
I am a newbie here and am planning to take SCJP on Sunday. I have the following doubts
1. Will be an option which would indicate how many selections should be made for each question?
Eg: Question No 2: Select 3 options

2. When will the score be known? Will I be able to find out the score immediatly after the exam or should I wait for few days before I can know my score?

Thanks in advance