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jeff co

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since Sep 14, 2004
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Recent posts by jeff co

Does anyone know when will I receive the hardcopy certification in my mailbox? I got email saying I passed the entire thing on 28 Apr, but still haven't got the cert. I am in asia, but still shouldn't take that much time for mailing.

Here are what I used in my prep work:
1. SCEA Study guide - Mark Cade - very useful
2. The Java EE 5 Tutorial - Sun - useful, no need to drill to code level
3. SCEA Study Guide - Mikalai Zaikin - rich info for many concepts
4. SCEA Study Guide Book - Allen Bambara, McGrawHill - regret and waste money to buy such book
5. Design Patterns from web and Sun's books
6. Exam techniques from people's experience of this site, thanks!
7. Sun multiple choice online mock exams
I took part III on March 30, received email notice today. Almost one month.

Thanks for all useful information shared by all buddies here.
I am using xdoclet to generate deployment descriptor. Is any way for xdoclet to generate multiple deployment descriptor xml files instead of one single set? I want to have a separate set of .xml for each "jarred" module just for more scalable deployment.