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Recent posts by Peter Gragert

Tim Cooke wrote:Take a look at the Image Slideshow example.

I did! And did not read all indeed you mean this line (bad Peter) :

Will try soon if THAT is what I looked for.

Nevertheless now already: thanks!

Tim Cooke wrote:Dojo is quite nice, I agree. Although jQuery is more widely used these days.

Do you have a question?

The slideshow examples from dojotoolkit use Flickr ...
How to change the source, such that

and the img.json links to the images img*.jpg ...

so to say a replacement of
The dojotoolkit looks very very nice.

I miss only a beginners tutorial how to use REST or just an easy slideshow with a link to an own (JSON) image library, not Flickr or .... but local on my server.

Thanks, your last sentence answers (nearly all) my questions
Just in this week I came across AJAX tools of Yahoo and my first impression: great.
There are other (open source) efforts with respect to AJAX too ...

Doe you have experimented with those ideas and checked them for 'Enterprise' suitability? What influence have these packages on your ideas (for the book)?

Is there already a page with the content of the book?
Why there are so many posts unanswered?
A lot of questions I have too ... are already asked.
16 years ago
Thrilled by iText (first Example compiled and sawn: font_selector)

But I have one problem. The sourcec are compiled using ant, OK.
But in the source distribution the examples directory misses (and maybe too html?)
What to do?
I tryed to find out what SJCA means, too much possibilities.

Please show me (us) some relevant link. Thanks
17 years ago
Hallo Pauline
That XML question:
Your shot: THREE times in the rose!
18 years ago
Dear Marilyn,

No, I will have a look at build.xml discussion, thanks.

Maybe I should look again to the 'changed' assignments?

18 years ago
Think too about an archive applet parameter (a *.jar file) less trafic!

18 years ago
maybe you should use the debug-mode of Eclipse, there you
can get more info about the threads,
you see them coming and going e.g. and more!
18 years ago
Hallo everybody,
retired but still busy with applets and alive
even in a sourceforge project:
Using Eclipse to build 'visually' mathematical applets.
Using "ant" too (thus build.xml) I am interested if there will come something after JDBC?

Years ago xml-stuff was thought about here at the Cattledrive.

Greetings to you and especially to Marilyn!

Ranch hand Peter
18 years ago
using directly beaninfo.xdt in place of <beaninfo/> seems to solve my
18 years ago
Looks nice.
Maybe I will try to get 'properties' of objects (because
I have 'debugging interests'.
If so I will let you know.
18 years ago