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Recent posts by Sachin Anantha

Thanks guys. I read the free sample exam from whizlabs and those links given in this site only. But referred few websites and articles in general too.
The below mentioned advice helped me a lot (especially the order of importance):
Certification Advice
Hello Guys,
Today I passed the certification exam for XML and related technologies with score of 90.91%. First of all I would like to thank all you guys for the great recommendations put in this forum on how to go about taking this exam and the areas to concentrate on. It was very useful.
I came across this website a year back when my friend indicated how friendly and yet how professional this website is. I came here that time when I took my Java programmer exam :-)
Ok I happen to be an SAP technical consultant (ABAP, Workflow, ALE/EDI/IDOC), yet find interest in other technologies (Oh yeah I am crazy about Java and XML). If some moderators see this, one request�why don�t you float a discussion thread for SAP related technologies with reference to certifications ;-)
Just want to share a piece of information which has already been said by others. Read up the Professional XML, 2nd edition book�it is very through and fits the objectives of the exam. For Web Services go through the sun�s website for their introductory topic on this subject. And yes listen to guys from over here, they are right on all counts� in summary read a lot of DTDs, XML schema, XSLT (if you are through in XPATH, XSLT should be a cake walk�and coverage of XPath in professional XML was perfect). For XSL-FO understand the basic structuring and its business need. DOM and SAX do not worry about specifics of implementation in any language (at least for the exam); just make sure how they are organized. Read through about XLink and XPointer fully, it won�t hurt too much.
Good luck to everyone venturing into the world of XML and those who wish to take certification.
My next stop SAP Workflow certification and CSQA. Hope I find a great forum like this for those exams too�If you people happen to know them let me know :0)

Sachin C Anantha