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Recent posts by James Roddy

Hi All,
These Questions r 4rm KHALID's MOCK >>>>

The 8859-1 character code for the uppercase letter A is 65. Which of these code fragments declare and initialize a variable of type char with this value?
a. char ch=65;
b. char ch='\65';
c. char ch='A';
d. char ch="A";
Answer is given only (d) .But wht. is the problem with option (a) !!

Which statements concerning the effect of the statement
gfx.drawRect(5, 5, 10, 10)
are true, given that gfx is a reference to a valid Graphics object?
a. The rectangle drawn will have a total width of 5 pixels.
b. The rectangle drawn will have a total height of 6 pixels.
c. The rectangle drawn will have a total width of 10 pixels.
d. The rectangle drawn will have a total height of 11 pixels.
My choice is (c) , BUT ,the answer is given (d) !! W H Y !!!
Pls..explan me this answer. as per dawRect constructor the width should be 10 . then..where I am going wrong ?

Another Question(not related to above) I was thinking to ask that
'IS MATH CLASS IS IMMUTABLE like String or Wrapper class ? '

pleze,help me.
Thanks in advance.

Still no post !!
oho..u passed , don't care wht. others' do
Thanks anyway
21 years ago
Hi Ravindra,
Pls don't use caps . it is loud & offensive . Remember u'r here not 2 win an argument but 2 help u'rself & help others . try 2 tone down u'r language . it would sure do u a lot of good.
PS:- i don't see how after what Jane has said u win the so called "Argument".
Best of luck,
Hi all,
I am geting 75%-85% in all mock exams
In JQPLUS I am geting around 70% to 72% only.
Even in MG1 and MG2 I got 78% and 82%
I am sheduling my exam on 16th May.
1st of all..I want 2 pass the exam and then good marks
..well, all I wanna ask >>>>>>"am I ready for the exam ?"
21 years ago
Hi Ravindra ,
Can u give any detail explanation abt. q. No. 8.
Q8: How can we apply delay of 1us, 1ms, and 1s?
Thanks in adv.
THANKS Ravindra
Friends ...wht. abt. my 2nd q !!!
Dear Ravindran..
See the q. 1st --->
In q no. 2 it has been mentioned that u have to choose one.
How can u choose two ans.
Soo..if u choose one wht. would be the answer !!!

THANKS Manfred
It is o.k. now.
Hi all,

class A
void print()

public class B extends A
int i = Math.round(3.5f);
public static void main(String[] args)
A a = new B();
void print()

Can anybody explain me how the o/p is 0,4 ?
I have understood how the 0 is coming to the o/p ,,,BUT..then how 4 is printing in the stand. o/p !!
Another thing...not related 2 this q.
I think I am asking this for the 3rd time.
Pls,tell me something this time pls.
I read the RHE Book. Now , when I saw KHALID I was very surprised...
There are Two chapters which are very diffrent in these 2 books.
1. java.util
I want to know is RHE is ENOUGH for the exam OR i need KHALID also.

Thanks alpa and Thomas.
Thanks for ur help.
public class MyClass
public static void main (String args[])
String str = "SCJP";
String str2 = str.concat(""); // There is no space
// between double quotes
//Note that if we give space here it will result FALSE.

System.out.println(str == str2);
It will give TRUE.But according to RHE(page 244 Chap:8) when we used any of the String method , a new String will be created as Strings are immutable and the new String is created on the heap not on the pool .We have to use intern() method to put it on the can == opt. results TRUE here

Related 2 this q. above ...
There is a big diff. in the COLLECTION chapter in Khalid and RHE.
Is RHE is enough for exam(asking only for collection chapter) ? reply.

Originally posted by David Freels:
You changed your layout from flow to border and did not re-add the components using the new constraints.

Sooo, wht. !!!
Why this code is not showing any of the button ?
pls..someone explain.
hi cindy,
If u talk about implicit extending then what about OBJECT CLASS. me anyone.

Originally posted by Cindy Glass:
The outer class is treated as the super class of an inner class, so technically it is extending it (even though the syntax does not explicitly show it).
So A.