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Recent posts by Ayyappan Selvaraj

Im using Axis2 to generate Client Jar and I want to extract the Soap request and Soap Response XMLs for the requests I raise using the stub object.
Its an urgent requirment. Can any one help pls..
Thanks in advance.
15 years ago
Friends, I need to know all about Oracle Web Interface..
Can you please give me an intro or suggest ne URLs where I can learn about it?

Thanks in advance
15 years ago
Im trying to invoke web service of a remote server using Asix2 generated Client Jar.

Before when I used Weblogic generated Client jars, I invoked by creating a stub object and then applied proxy settings on it. But now though I am able to apply the proxy settings I am not able to invoke the method on the web service with the stub object.

Can anyone suggest me any other logic to invoke the web service with Axis2??

Thanks in advance friends.
15 years ago
I have a hbm mapped bean with a composite key as id and the composite key is constructed using another class, a foriegn key and a column of String datatype. The mapped java class gets the id as the composite key by extending another class.

Now i want to create Criteria object based on the composite key. how can it be done?
Urgent suggestions required please..

my hbm file:

Im getting error here.. it tells that there is no such property in the EntityAlternateId class.. SO please suggest what shud be done..
thanks I got much from the link. But I could not find one thing.. I want to set Hyperlink to an external resource on a text in the excel sheet through Java.. How can this be done?
15 years ago
I have a requirement that I need to append rows, cells and data in the cells to an already existing excel sheet. How could this be done. Pls suggest me with code snippets asap. Thanks in advance.
16 years ago
Stan James,
The cast and assignment will work fine with any subtype of StubImpl returned by the getCodesServicePort() method.

I understand this and it works fine.. The getCodesServicePort() method returns an object of CodesServicePortType_Stub and when I change the code as

binding = (StubImpl) theMethods[i].invoke(service, null);

the binding object is of CodesServicePortType_Stub and not the StubImpl and am able to call a method which is available in CodesServicePortType_Stub.

Ricky Clarkson,
And am still learning how JAVA does OOP. thanks for pointing it..
16 years ago
I use reflection to invoke a method... I define a super class(StubImpl) object and by invoking a method of another class, which returns the sub class(CodesServicePortType_Stub) object instantiation for this super class object. And its required that I should cast the subclass object to instantiate the super class object. And this casting i want to be done dynamically. I know the name of the sub class(CodesServicePortType_Stub). What shud be done??

16 years ago
Friends, Im trying to run a method in my Junit class "CodesServiceTest.java, but I get the following exception. Im using Eclipse. In other projects of the eclipse, I am not facing such issue. Please suggest what can be done..

16 years ago
Hey this is for running simple SQL queries. I want code for running Stored procedure..
Hi thanks for replying.. I have got the code for executing simple named query from the javaranach forum only... now I require that an HQL query shud be run on the result sets that would be returned from the stored procedure..
Friends, I have a requirement in my project like: I have a Stored Procedue which will return a set of tables and considering the result set as a table , I need to execute HQL query on it. How can this be done.

Can be better understood with the query which works fine in the SQL IDEs.
select * from (
select distinct PARTY_ID, ACCT_NO_1 , ROW_NUMBER() OVER (ORDER BY PARTY_ID) R from table(pax.p2a_services_pkg.get_by_cust_loc_func('G','327888475','AML'))
)where R between 10 and 18

pax.p2a_services_pkg.get_by_cust_loc_func('G','327888475','AML')) This is the stored procedure call and the remaining is the SQL query on the results it gives.

I want to know how this query can be executed using HQL and named sql query. Advice please...
Thanks for replying. this site Jice - arrays describes how to create a String array. So its is possible to load array of data objects using Jice. And the object graph to which Im loading data contains Array of uder defined objects..

Im pasting piece of the Jice XML content and the java code that gets the data.. Im getting the ArrayIndexOutOfboundException when I try to get the second element of the array...please tell me what would be wrong..

16 years ago
Friends, Im using Junit test cases and Jice (data supply through XMLs). I want to know how I can supply Array of data objects (user defined)..

Please help!
16 years ago
Thanks for replying. The following is the hbm file entries..