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Recent posts by Jay Vasudeva

Thanks guys!!

Will look into it!

Also, if I find something useful, I'll share it with everybody!

now can someone plz help??

This is a big big obstacle in my development time!!

I am trying to run my application in eclipse...and I wanna debug how shutdownhook works when I send the shutdown signal.

Right now there are two ways I am doing this -
1) Add the system.exit(0) in the code somewhere.
2) Create jar file, upload in unix..run it and do ctrl-c.

The first option is really not correct.....because I don't see all the possible exceptions...when I do ctrl-c in unix..i see all possible problems with the way i coded shutdownhook.

Now, second is time taking, because everytime i create jar and upload it and run it and ctrl-c the app.

Is there a possibility I can run my app inside eclipse ..and hit ctrl-c or something like that to trigger the shutdownhook??

Thanks alot!!

Will appreciate all ideas!!

I am trying to have some more flexibility.


Yea I am actually working with ShutdownHook to see how it works. The thread idea is good too. Lemme give this a shot. Will get back with more on this.


Any more comments? Ideas?
I have a spring application that I run on unix by command line. Now, when I do control-c, it stops the application, but I wanna be able to hook control-c to a method that I want to execute at the time before the application stops running.

Anybody!?!? Any Clue!?!?

Will highly appreciate any kind of help on this issue!
You killed it dude!! Congrats!!
19 years ago
Thanks dude! I guess u r also preparing for SCWCD...c u in the forum
19 years ago
Guys, I just passed the SCJP and plan to step into the SCWCD world. I am a beginnger, just need guidance. Is HFS a good book for beginngers as well?

Should I start with something else and then get HFS?

Would highly appreciate any kind of help.

Thanks guys.

Alright guys, finally I managed to clear it. I was hoping to pass it, got 83%. Pretty satisfied with it. It was the toughest exam I gave, even tougher than the mock exams, you can say as tough as the final mock exam of whizlabs simulator. Sat there for 2 complete hours to make sure I did ok.

Thanks to you guys. I feel responsible in sharing my preparation pattern for the test.

1) Finished Programmer's Guide to Java Certification, A: A Comprehensive Primer Second Edition by Khalid Mughal.

2) Did Marcus's tests.

3) Did free 100 questiosns from http://www.javacertificate.com/

4) Read Kathy and Bates ( this was like a quick reading over the whole book)

5) Whizlabs.

Took me total 31 days ( a month ) to do all this, plus my concentration wasn't too good either. Would just chill out some days, and sometimes studying with music, sometimes even loud music..it really depends on how everyone is comfortable studying. I guess all I'm trying to say is its an easy one guys, if you can give in 2 weeks of serious studying it should be alright. If I can do it, anybody can...trust me on that.


On to SCWCD now...

19 years ago

I just did this question myself and will tell you exactly what the system told me and it made sense to me.

When you call a method, it calls the method of the object type not the reference type. So, 'p' should look for 'method2' in class 'Child'. Now, since we know that there isn't any 'method2' in class 'Child', it will look for 'method2' in the superclass since superclass members are also accessible by the subclass object.

Now, if the 'method2' was private then I would say the compiler would give an error since subclass object can not see private members of its superclass.

this question highlights overriding rules....

hope it makes sense...

I am giving the exam on thursday and I can understand what everybody here is going through...


I only plan to do the 2 min drills of K&B and the mock exams.

other than that i've done the other stuff that i mentioned in my previous post ...

is it still good enough??

guys i did the khalid's book, its mock exam and marcus exams and javacertificate.com free 100 questions...and few other mock exams...and i have the k and b book from which ill do two minute drills and mock exam..can anyone tell me if thats good enough to pass the scjp?? i just care about passing it..not worried about high score.

any suggestions please??