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Recent posts by mythili sharan

This is a qn from exercises from K&B. I have a doubt abt the answer. I thought it shud result in a compilation error because a static variable is being used in a non-static method void twice(int x). Can anyone explain.

This question too is from Marcus green's mock exam.
when we extend thread or implement runnable-- isnt it necessary to define the run method?? I can compile and check but what confuses me is how to tackle such a basics- shattering qn in the exam.

I thought the answer would be 1 but it is 4.

[ September 24, 2004: Message edited by: Barry Gaunt ]
Thanks so much Tom.. the topic is now "claritin" clear. I shall never get such a question wrong again.
Hi This qn is from Mindq.

I have a problem understanding Super sup = new Sub();
If any class has a superclass then the superclass constructor will be called while creating an object. so in this case a super object will be created even if sub constructor is called.
sup.index will be 5 and
sup.printVal will print super

but the answer is
c) The code compiles and "5, Sub" is printed to standard output.
Can anyone please explain where i am wrong in my understanding.