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Recent posts by Anand Karia

Yes TIM Moores, it is something like extracting the text of barcode from .pdf. and letter i will save document under extracted barcode text.
2 years ago
i am using  com.itextpdf.text.pdf.*; jar file for barcode generation and to read.

My task is to read .pdf file and generate each page into .png file and save in the name of barcode place at top of each page. like if .pdf file has 20 pages then 20 .png files are generated. I have successfully generated it but i cant find howto save .png file using barcode name.

Like 2021-01-01-0001-01 (This is the barcode generated using Code128).

Please help where i need more code to fix it. Currently file is generated using for loop (1,2,3,4.... .png files)

test1.pdf file is source document and 1.png file is generated via these code.

Here is the code.

2 years ago
Oh Yah.... Sorry I forgot.

Thank you a lot Martin.
Dear All

I have 5 column
1 Col = Code numeric [ 1,2,3 ]
2 Col = Name varchar [David, Anand, Peter ]
3 Col = Salary numeric [ 5000,6000,70000]
4 col = factor char [ * , * , / ]
5 Col = rate numeric [ 10,10,0.5]

How can I use column # 4 in SQL query. Please help.

i.e. select code,name,salary, (salary + factor + rate) as amount from salary_table . This query is not working

First of all i would like to tell you that MS-Access database is used specially for single computer. But like in your case you can use single database for multiple users.

Secondly, There are two different ways to connect to MS-Access database. Either you connect database using DNS entry into Windows PC, or you define the exact path of database.

In your scnario, i would prefer using DNS entry into database.

For instance, If you want you all clients to be connected with same single database then put that .mdb file into server and share it fully and allow access to each and every client.
Make dns entry into each computer and select the shared .mdb file.

While using DNS entry, software will use same database.

Hope this scnario will help you out.
Dear Paul Sturrock

Thank you very much. I remove sqljdbc4.jar file and use only jTDS.1.2.5.jar file and make a connection from it. It work perfectly.

Now my application can easily be executed for Postgresql, MS-SQL without making any single code change.

Thanks you very much.
I am using netbeans ide with MS-SQL 2000 Server. My problem is that

When I am using

Data is shown on command prompt but when i am using rs.first() or rs.Previous() or rs.last() then it shows error on it The requested operation is not supported on forward only result sets.

BUT WHEN I CHANGE THE STATEMENT LIKE The TDS protocol stream is not valid.

OR WHEN I CHANGE THE STATEMENT LIKE The TDS protocol stream is not valid.

OR WHEN I CHANGE THE STATEMENT LIKE The requested operation is not supported on forward only result sets.

OR WHEN I CHANGE THE STATEMENT LIKE The TDS protocol stream is not valid.

LAST but not least: While using INSERT,UPDATE,DELETE cnn.createStatement() is working perfectly.

I am using following jar files

I do not know where i make mistake? Can anybody please help me out in solving this problem.
David Newton

I would appreciate if you could guide me a bit in code means how and where to write it.
I wrote following lines but it shows error to me. outputStream = response.getOutputStream() ;
JasperExportManager.exportReportToPdfStream(jasperPrint, outputStream);
Dear All

First of all i would like to inform that I am new to jsp.

I have code jsp with database and jasper report. It shows very well with my server.
But when i am connecting through my client computer it shows the html file only and report is generated at server.

I do not know where i made mistake. Can any body help me out.

GO to Code tab.
At Form Size Policy:
Make it to Generate Resize Code

Click onto form and Slightly change your form. You will see a change in "Form Size",the second option at Code Tab.

16 years ago
To start working on Netbeans use the following steps.

Create jFrame Form.
Right-Click on the form and make Layout as NULL via popup menu.
Now you can place your button or text etc etc as per your layout.

Right-Click form and go to property
Go to Code Tab.
Change form to Re-Size

16 years ago
Can anybody reply me where i make changes in any of the three example.
16 years ago
Dear Maneesh Godbole

Thank you very much for replying me but i want to let you know that i have done the same but could not get the result. Can you please send me code/example?
16 years ago
Can anybody please tell me where i am wrong. Image on jTable is not displaying.

3 Button and 3 methods are called on button click event.

THE RESULT ON JTABLE IS "javax.swing.ImageIcon@b89838"

IMAGE SHOWN ON LABEL BUT ON TABLE IT SHOWS "javax.swing.ImageIcon@112f614"

BufferedImage@1d9dc39: type = 5 ColorModel: #pixelBits = 24 numComponents = 3 color space = java.awt.color.ICC_ColorSpace@93dcd transparency = 1 has alpha = false isAlphaPre = false ByteInterleavedRaster: width = 166 height = 202 #numDataElements 3 dataOff[0] = 2
16 years ago
Thanks i will test this by setting he flag.But if there is two or more thread it will work, at this time how to make the particular thread to pause

For every thread class, for stopping and resuming thread you need flag that cause to make them enable to run and stop according to your need.

Thread.sleep( ); This will make your thread class to stop for a while (in miliseconds) you have given in between Thread.sleep(200)

If you can post your code here then we can easily tell you where you can make/place flag(s).

Hope this can help you out.