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Recent posts by Rui Hu

1. Web Clients alone needs to be implemented with SSL, so can I assume that Application Client resides inside the firewall so it dosen't need SSL ?
This is also 1 way to give a faster response to the Travel Agent, Also SSL implementation mostly depends upon the Server, should we document this ?

2. To what extent Security needs to be depicited in Component Diagrams ?
I guess thats the only diagram in which we show Security

3. What type of Security needs to be provided for a Travel Agent ?

1) You must use HTTPS

2) No security does not need to be shown at Compoment Diagram, just explain with words, is enough.

3) Every thing is HTTPS, there is no difference between customer and agent.
I did not use standard login either.
You can do login with Servlet filter. It is a very common way of doing.

1) Divide your page into 2 group under 2 directory, public and private.
2) Put a filter, to filter condition to access private directory is Session object USERID exists.
3) If Session object USERID does not exist, go to login page.
4) Search itinerary is in public place.
5) Pay, list, confirm is in private place.

Compare with stardard way, this approach give you total control of the login process, you can also add some profile cache in the login.

It also has good portability, since you does not use any container provided service.


But after all, it is the same as standard login. Since the standard login is also based on some kind of filter, you do not see it, since it is done by the container.
yes, it is.
It contains 4 questions.

I really spend 1 hour to write the essays.
I think there is no need to draw too detail class diagram.
In real world you can not document your code with Class Diagram, Java Doc with far more useful.

I think Class Diagram, is only need when you want to document your class relationship, only the inheritance and composition.
I did this way,

Just one stateless session bean with all the business api.
It wrap around the flight db. I did not do any about it.

You do not need to care about this.
You only need to drow compoment diagram.

I have all my compoments in one network. You do not need to draw fire alls.
There is no need to be too detail.

I did the whole assignment in one weekend. With 7 diagrams and each one fits into one page of A4 paper.

I see the result from Today.

But not yet at,

Am I passed?
I think I understand something wrong about non-network model.
Does it mean multiple client access the same datafile?

I did nothing about file locking.

I thought non-network model is just a single stand alone client.
I really can not recommend Entity bean.

Plain JDBC works just fine.
My work stops at EJB session facade level.
So the whole diagram is very simple and clear.

I feel there is no need to draw persistent related thing in architecture design.

Any commments?
Each swing component is a MVC for example jtable.

So there is no such thing as single control in Swing.

And it is not straight forward MVC it is UI delegation.

I think there is no need to draw swing sequence diagram, it is very confusing