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Recent posts by preethi bhat

i cannot solve this question
Test - 3
Question - 2
(sorry for the inconvinience i cannot paste it as it has figures)

can some one explain the basic principle.
try this site

first you must purchase a voucher at
then you have to take an appointment for an exam at

hope this helps.
best of luck
17 years ago
hi all!
with a preparation of 2 months i passed SCWCD 1.4 today.
i prepared HFS&jsp
i got a lot of inspiration from this site & a lot of confidence after giving mock exams on &

1)surprisingly i found alot of questions on EL nearly 10.
2)questions on webapp development. <servlet> <welcome-file-list> <> <ejb-local-ref>
3)webappsecurity <web-resource-collection> authentication types
patterns & filters atleast 10 quetions <servlet-name> in <filter-mapping> recognise all different patterns.
4)custom tags be prepared with all the interfaces & methods.
5)JSTL be prepares with foreach,choose,set var, set taget, jsp:include, <body-content>
17 years ago
hi iam preparing for scwcd.
i was tring to download software from sun site. help suggest me the right one.
1) iam already having jdk1.2.1 on my system(if u want me to dowmload any latest pls suggest me the right webpage)
2) i downloaded & installed j2sdk1.4.2_04 from sun's site.
3) i didnot set any path....but on C:when i type java-version i can get "java version 1.2.1" but when i tried typing javac -help iam getting a error msg.

does that mean i dont installed a compiler.
i tried typing "javac -help" at c:\jdk1.2.1 also.

i didnt installed tomcat yet may be i need more help from u guys again.