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Recent posts by Ramakrishna Bysani


I have clared SCDJWS with 81% score.
Exam is not very easy like SCJP or SCWCD. This might be because the exam covers huge content.

My prepartion includes
---RMH end to END
---MZ's guide (Specailly for security)
---Java Ranch threads.

Thanks to MZ and java ranch for the valuble stuff.

--Ramakrishna Bysani
SCJP 1.4 93%
SCWCD 1.4 86%
SCDJWS 1.4 81%


I tried to deploy a webservice using axis on jboss and i was successful. Now I wanted to know is there any way to deploy a web service on jboss with out axis?
Like deploying servlet with a DD, is there any way to deploy webservice?

Ramakrishna Bysani.

PS: - I am using JBoss5.0.0 GA.
amazing score....congratulations
Thanks Merrill.
I have finished my work with the same code
I was on vacation and could not see your message, sorry for late reply.
14 years ago
Hey, i have cleared wcd exam with 86%. Reading head first servlets and jsp is the only preperation i had. This book is too good for the exam.
14 years ago
Any one there to help me
14 years ago
Hi, I am using dispatch action in my project. I am using ValidatorForm for server side validation. In my action i have getInput, getMaster, getModel methods are there. getInput results in displaying the input screen by populating all drop downs.
I dont want validation to be triggered when i am calling getInput method. How to avoid this? Currently i achieved by putting code in form like this.

public ActionErrors validate(ActionMapping mapping, HttpServletRequest request){
logger.debug("Validating ....");
ActionErrors errors = null;
errors = super.validate(mapping, request);
return errors;


Is there any better way to achieve this? some thing like declarative in some config file? Please help me, thanks in advance
14 years ago
Hi all,

I have two large tables. I have particular problem for which i can choose either join or sub query, which one is better? Shall i need to consider the dbms optimization when selecting my strategy? What are the pro and cons in selecting one.

Thanks in advance

(SCJP--93%)(preparing for SCWCD)
Hey, i cleared SCJP with 93% score.

Thanks to java ranch for the valuble stuff....

(Planning for SCWCD)
17 years ago