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Recent posts by Srinath Vangari

Thanks Tsang. Have referred my notes and agree with you.
HI Friends,  Please find question attached. I have answered as N Tier, Three Tier, Two tier and single tier.
But it is showing as wrong answer. can you please provide your comments on this?
Above i meant "local Pearson VUE center", sorry for confusion . local Pearson VUE center were not aware of any discounts.

After purchasing the VOUCHER online, Can you please share the process/steps  for using this voucher?  Will  local Pearson VUE center accept this voucher?

How to avail 35% discount? I called local prometic center, they were not aware of this discount.
I am referring to the question asked in attached screen.
Please let me know, if i am missing anything here.
Since HTTP is a stateless protocol, so HTTPS should be stateless.This is my understanding.
But one of the mock test is showing as incorrect answer for selecting "HTTPS is stateless".
hello all,
i am getting an error while connecting jdbc-oracle8i.
how should i connect it.

thanks in advance
hello everybody,
i new to this server,can u help me to get the direction for futher study.
19 years ago
congratulation, It pretty good score ,keep it up
hello ,thank u for reply.
I have tried for the book but it is not available . what to do?
i live pune.
can u help me to which book should i refer for exam. I have no experience with JSP,Servlets & J2EE.