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Recent posts by Andrew Shafer

Pretty Please?
18 years ago
Is there some easy way to make 'redirect' the default?

Please tell me there is a better way than adding redirect to every navigation case.
18 years ago
If by easily fixed you mean double the requests processed for every page viewed, then yes.

You can address the 'back' button feature as well.

But why is something that advertises itself as 'RAD' tool causing so much ass pain?
18 years ago
I just inherited an application written using JSF.

Mostly what I want explained is why every document on JSF doesn't start out with a bold red disclaimer: JAVA SERVER FACES IS GOING TO DO STUFF THAT WILL CONFUSE ALL USERS EXPECTING 'NORMAL' BEHAVIOR IN A WEB APPLICATION.

You want to click the 'back' button? No, No, don't do that. . .

You want the URL to actually reflect what you are seeing? Crazy talk. . .

If someone has a rational for why these 'features' aren't ridiculous, please enlighten me.
18 years ago

Don't be so quick to give the answer. It's not a cute little riddle that will be answered in 20 minutes. (nothing against riddles of course) Give a week or so for people to find time to work on cracking it.
22 years ago

Life is hard if you were born.
Look forward to sending out resumes and getting little response, but don't get discouraged. Try to refine your resume as best you can and keep sending it out. You just have to be persistant and pull yourself up.
22 years ago

Sounds like a market niche someone needs to step up and fill.
22 years ago

Any opinions on the best approach to learning to properly apply patterns to your projects?
Any personal stories about patterns and how they have helped your programming skills?

I didn't forget about you Jason, I just ran out of fingers to stick in the dike.
Here are some good helpful links.
A quick explanation of O(n^2)
You can learn a lot of nifty things crawling around on this site.
I think these little applets are a nifty demo.
For general compu-sci, if you have the time and inclination, oh yeah, and love math.
22 years ago

Jason, I have a really busy Friday, but I promise to make a full response to the new thread by Monday for sure. We may never see eye to eye, but I believe there will be a bit more clarity when I make a full response to that thread.
I place the highest value on my freedoms and would certainly fight to the death to defend them. I just don't see the 9/11 act of war/terrorism as an attack on my freedom, but an attack on my security. There is a qualitative difference, and both are worth defending, but I will continue to question the efficacy of bombing Afganistan in the name of freedom, while simultaneously pushing through legislation that takes my freedom away.
Though I may not know the name and shape of every plane, tank and weapon like I used to, I know that cluster bombs are designed to do one thing, indiscriminantly kill people. If you want to take out the Taliban, take them out, do it right. I'll address this in the other thread but I don't see how you can say you are only after the Taliban when you are dropping cluster bombs, its just not logical.
Another thing, and I'm sure people will take offense at this question, how can you consider suicide bombing an act of cowardice, but droping bombs from 10000 ft is not?
There have been many posts, most of them not yours Jason, that claim some nonsense like the muslims want all Christians to die, et cetera, perhaps I was over generalizing in my response to you. I kinda like 'those bastards' though.
There were certainly 'conflicts' between 1988-2000, would you consider any of these 'War'? I don't believe any of these modern conflicts offered the chaos and uncertainty that 'War' truely brings.

I make no appologies for our military actions now as none are warranted. Are you saying theirs were?

I'll address this in the other thread.

I guess all I can suggest is to try to diversify your acquaintences. I do not have similar problems.

Perception is reality. Ignorance is so prevalent, we have actually turned it into a form of entertainment. Street Smarts, Jay Leno, etc.

And sometimes responsibility comes along with being a citizen. Are the words you spoke when reciting the Pledge of Allegiance that you most likely had to recite daily as a child just empty and meaninlgess?

Liberty and Justice for all. . .my country has its own share of social inequality, perhaps I took the words too seriously?
[quoteI am scared by it. I think the FBI took the current atmosphere as an opportunity to push for legislation it has been wanting for a long time. The surveillance powers granted to them are unwarrented (literally as well as figuratively it seems) and a threat to the privacy of every American.
At least we can agree on one thing.

22 years ago

I don't get headaches, but I'm starting to get some really nasty pains in my neck and shoulders.
22 years ago

At least you realize CNN (an AOL-TIME WARNER station)is garbage, I'll cease and desist on the CNN cracks in all the other threads.
I said before, everybody hates Al Jazeera, but everybody watches them and that makes them happy. Everyone accuses them of showing propaganda for the other side. If they are a bit anti-Israeli, how does that damage their 'journalistic integrity' considering the pro Israeli slant that dominates the Western media. Granted you already mentioned that journalistic integrity is devoid of any true meaning.
Its easy to dig up quotes from famous people 150 years ago in the US describing the news papers of the time as totally controlled or manipulated by special interests. Why would it be different now?
Ralph Nader was never allowed to speak in the same forum with W. or Gore. The election committee arbitrarily altered the rules at the beginning of the process to block Nader's participation in the national debates. I consider that an affront to the ideals of democratic process.
22 years ago

A loose model of the Irroquois Nation in place when the Europeans first came to the N. America. Seemed to work out for them. Makes for great political discussion.
The system has the same basic branches of government: Executive, Legislative and Judicial.
Only men can serve in Executive and Legislative branches.
Only woman can serve in Judicial branch.
Heres the kicker:
Though only men can be the executives and make the laws, only the woman can own property and vote.
22 years ago

I don't understand how anyone can seriously believe that statement you made. If a bankrobber commits murder while robbing a bank, the getaway driver is also guilty of murder, even though he didn't pull the trigger.

I fully agree, but if you can't find the driver or the robber, that doesn't make the driver's neighbor guilty, it doesn't even make his brother guilty. If you are really concerned with taking care of specific individuals, how do cluster bombs come into the equation?
As for making us safer from terrorism, we can only hope to speculate either way. Maybe we should rehash this in 10 years?

As I have pointed out ad nauseum. . .

This has been pointed out many times, almost as many times as the generalizations about how Islam wants all Jews and Christians to die. Maybe Bin Laden thinks this way, maybe not, but it certainly doesn't represent anything to do with the core of Islam. I think the basic contention arises from the fast and loose way people and their philosophy get labeled 'Islamic'.

Vietnam? You mean Mi Lai?

I was in no way comparing Vietnam to Bosnia, or Serbs to Americans. I was only trying to illustrate that Americans are quite capable of committing 'unthinkable' acts. If you think Mi Lai was the only time brutalities against women and children were perpetrated by Americans in Vietnam, then you are delusional. That the Serbs savaged the Bosnian muslims, as qualitativly different as that might be, in no way excuses or justifies the American brutalities.

As for American taking snapshots with corpses in the Gulf, I haven't seen those pictures, but I guess it is in the realm of possibility.

It wasn't covered by CNN.
6th ID Fort Ord, CA Nov. 1991
A little drinking, the snapshots come out, several rolls of film. It may or may not be the norm, but it certainly happened.

As for your statement about war screwing people up etc.. I can tell from your comments that any views of war you have are all theory.

How convenient. I can tell from your comments that any views of war you have are all screwed up. Just kidding. Let's see, you joined up in 88? You may have seen a little bit of the Gulf? Do you really think this compares to what the infantry saw in Vietnam? I mean come on, there may have been some tense moments, but the Iraqi military was completely outclassed in number and technology. How many US soldiers died to Iraqi attacks? Friendly fire? Do you think that there is nothing to learn from the theory of war? How can you have faith in your military command? For the most part, many of them have nothing but their theories of war.

I am not an appologist for those who would kill us.

You are acting as an appologist for those currently killing. Terrorism is wrong, no one was ever truly convinced by violence. You can bomb and bomb and bomb, Al Qaida will dissolve in Afganistan and not skip a beat. Perhaps I am wrong, but I have to call it as I see it.

what was that about all your American friends being ignorant?

An observation? Americans are generally clueless unless you ask them about the new music video on MTV or who won the ball game last night. In general, Americans live unaware of the world politics and they quite like it that way. It's not bad mouthing Americans, you have to call a spade a spade.

I do not have a knee-jerk suspicion for everything our government does on our behalf (neither do I have blind faith). I do not feel the need to criticize my country at every turn.

I don't criticize at every turn, just the ones I don't agree with. Isn't that what democracy is supposedly about?

I do not make my livelihood by leeching off of a system that I hold in low esteem.

Leeching? Is that to imply that I'm leeching? I can tell from your comments that any views of leeching you have are all theory. If we really want to get off on a tangent we can discuss the implications of usury, debt based money systems, NAFTA, Nike, and what the hell, throw in Michael Jordan. The basis of capitalism is leeching off of those that are held in low esteem. With that being said, I do my work, I pay my bills, I pay my taxes, I'm not rich, but I don't do too bad.

I realize and honor the sacrifices of those who came before me that allow me to live with more freedoms than anywhere else on the planet, that allow me to prosper, and that allow me to do all this in relative safety and security. I realize that there are times when actions must be taken to maintain this freedom and way of life.

Those who would trade liberty for security, do not deserve either. Some Famous Person
When you consider freedom and your way of life, what do you think of the new anti-terrorism legislation?

I do not hold the belief that war under any circumstance should never be waged. I do not believe that we should kiss the ass of those who would do us harm, simply in the name of temporary safety.

I'm not a pacifist or an ass kisser. All I have attempted to do was point out what I consider to be detrimental to our long term safety and our way of life.

So you are right, I am different.

Different is good, but Map and I are still considering doing something to your neighbors. Can I have your address? (just kidding)
22 years ago

Hey Matt,
Ever heard of Reed College?
You could write a servlet that displays a calendar, do you want it to display the whole year? The current month?
22 years ago