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Recent posts by Derek Botfield

I'm getting the following exception from Websphere 5.1:

CNTR0020E: Non-application exception occurred while processing method "updateTagInformation" on bean "BeanId(app#app-core.jar#appJar, 328885774)". Exception data: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException

The problem occrrs when I run a test application from outside of Websphere (i.e. in Eclipse) and I access an EJB that is deployed on WS as part of an EAR.

This is strange for 2 reasons:

(1) The first run of my test succeeds. So does the second. On the third attempt, the exception is thrown.

(2) The IllegalArgumentException is actually nonsensical. It is generated by my application and occurs because a value has been found to be < 0. But the value is actually 3975. Having logged out the parameters of the comparison, it is obvious that the exception cannot occur - except that it does!

15 years ago
I'm trying to add deployment descriptors, first to an EJB jar
and then to an EAR which will contain (among other things) the EJB
jar I first modified. From my attempt to process the EJB jar, I get the following result whch includes an error.

The command line for this is:

ejbdeploy xxx.jar WORKING xxx-ws.jar
-cp "JarContainingMyClass.jar;j2ee-1.3.1.jar"
-dbvendor ORACLE_V9I
-target WAS510
-trace -keep


<preamble not included>
Creating Top Down Map
Generating deployment code
Generating queries
Refreshing: /starthis-clgx/ejbModule.
[*Error] An unexpected exception was thrown. Halting execution.
Shutting down workbench.

Error generating findByLocation( query for bean ControlLogix (Abstract schema name=MyTable). Error=unknown EJB or ASN name:
Query='SELECT OBJECT(c) FROM MyTable AS c WHERE c.location = ?1'

It seems that ejbdeploy cannot find the class. But
I have added that jar containing it to to the classpath.

Is there something else I need to do?

Any help appreciated!

15 years ago