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Recent posts by Vicky Mohan

I am trying to convert a String to Double. For a very small number like 0.0008, it is displayed in scientific notation. But i would like to want it displayed normally as 0.0008 ( for my example)

What can i do get this accomplished ?

Sample Code attached ..


public static void main(String[] args) {
String testDouble = “0.0008”;
Double returnDouble = new Double(returnValue);
System.out.println(" returnDouble " + returnDouble );

returnDouble 8.0E-4

Any help will be appreciated..
11 years ago

But it was working in one environment and not working in another environment.

so, i was wondering if this has got to do with different version of oracle.
Thanks for the response.

I think there are two ways to execute a block of code.

I was having the SQL block following by a / in a new line.

My only issue was there was a space before / and it failed.

I am using oracle client 8.1.7.

my question is, i want to know if a space before / is a problem.

I ran in SQL PLUS also and it resulted in error when i had a space before /
I have written a PL SQL block of code and tried to execute it with a /.

My SQL file had a space before the / and it resulted in syntax error.

The same file worked in another environment. I am not sure if both the environments are having same version for oracle client.

My questions are

-- Is it a violation of SQL to have a space before /

-- if any one version of oracle client does remove the space before /

Any thoughts / suggestions will be appreciated.
Thank you very much. I would really appreciate it.

If we could get it set globally in weblogic, it will be more appropriate.

Please forward this to weblogic group.
12 years ago
I added the MIME Types to web.xml and it fixed the issue.


Thanks for your help
[ October 04, 2007: Message edited by: Vicky Mohan ]
12 years ago
I am using Weblogic Application Server.

I do not have any entries for any MIME type in web.xml.

But it works fine for a PDF File.
12 years ago
i changed my display name, per your policy.

Can anybody offer any suggestions for my issue ?
12 years ago
I have this requirement of opening some help documents in MS Word Format.

We have the document placed in the web layer ( along with JSPs) and then we try to access the documents using the relative URL.

The full path gets replaced correctly, but the Word Document is opened in browser in text format.

<A href="/xxxxxxxx/docs/module/document1.doc" >Open A Word Document</A>

I do not have any p roblem in opening any word document from internet and ms word is already in the file types for my computer.

Any thoughts on this ??

Browser - IE 6.
12 years ago
We are using struts framework and there is no value provided for the attribute "redirect".

This implies forward should be used as redirect is false by default.
13 years ago
Hey All,

THis is a very simple question, i guess.

I have a collection of objects set to request scope.


In my JSP, i am trying to access the list by the following code

<c:forEach items="${myList}" var="list" varStatus="x" >
<c:out value="${}" />

For some reason, the id never gets printed.

I tried to set the collection to session instead of request


Now, the id gets printed.

I was under the impression that the tag looks into request and if not, checks the session for the variable.

I really dont want to set the collection to session and then add logic to remove from session again.

Any help will be appreciated.
[ May 04, 2007: Message edited by: Bear Bibeault ]
13 years ago
Hey All,

We are using Weblogic 8.1 sp4 and we would like to access external documents that are running on BREEZE server.

I am not sure how secure and what needs to be performed to get a stable environment so that updates made to Breeze server are reflected on the application ( running in weblogic) without any restart of weblogic server ??

Any suggestion will be appreciated
[ April 27, 2007: Message edited by: Bear Bibeault ]
13 years ago
JSTL - 1.1

JSP - 2.0
13 years ago
Hey All,

I have this requirement where i have group of records and each record has a date associated with it. I need to compare the date field with another standard date and depending on the outcome, i need to display some content.

I am trying to use the following code

<c:if test="${todaysdate ge recordDate}">Standard Content</c:if>

For some reason it is not working, any clues ??

I appreciate responses.
[ November 22, 2006: Message edited by: Bear Bibeault ]
13 years ago
Thanks for your reply. It worked as it is supposed to