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Recent posts by Meng Tan

Thanks to all your congratulations!
Good luck to your exam as well!

Regarding the Enthuware tests, I am refering to the paid standalone ones.
I find them worth the money.

I find very very little difference between HFSJ1.4 and HFSJ1.5.
What I think is that you can use the older version of the book.
The older version does not have a final mock test, though.

I did not read the specificatiions.
After each mock exam, I went through the answers provided (incuding those questions I got them correct) to understand the concepts. In the process, I referred back to HFJS, API and specificatons for more details on the relevant portions.
Personally I find this way of learning suits me better.


I had actually upgraded from SCWCD 1.3, so I am not able to compare between SCWCD 1.4 and SCWCD 5.

Wish you good luck!
Hi kurt,

I did not compute the score for the HFSJ final mock exam (due to some mistakes in the answers provided).
For enthware mocks, the following are my results:
1. 72
2. 80
3. 86
4. 86
5. 93
6. 88
7. 86
8. 78

Interestingly, it has an Up-and-Down trend.
My advice is to do plenty of mocks.
Hi all,

Yesterday I took the SCWCD 5 Upgrade Exam and scored 96%.
Got 100% in all sections except Taglib section (66%).
I realized there are 2 questions with typos.
1 question has its available answers showing a particular XML attribute without an "=" symbol between the attribute name and value.
Another question has wrong XML syntax in the DD.
I felt a bit disappointed.

My preparation:
1. Read HFSJ 1st edition once
2. Read HFSJ 2nd edition once
3. Do final mock exam in HFSJ 2nd edition
4. Do 8 mock exams using Enthuware
5. Do 2 Sun ePractice exams
6. Read posts from JavaRanch forum

Overall, still happy with my score though I should have checked my answers again as I left 40 minutes before exam time is up.

Thanks to ranchers who have helped me. (especially Christophe Verre).
Thanks Christophe for your detailed explanation!

Can I also ask the another question?
How can the variable be accessed by the calling page)?
Is it by means of expression or EL or both?

May I know what is the meaning of the <declare> element in the <variable> element of a TLD?
It can be either "true" or "false".

I have a question on HttpSessionActivationListener.
Is it normally implemented by a session attribute object rather than an independent object that listen for activation events?
Sorry. Didn't see the <servlet-name>. Please ignore this post.
Hi all,

I have a question on a Filter excercise in the HFSJ book.
On page 695 (1st edition) or page 727 (2nd edition), why are the answers for request path "/Recipes/" and "/Recipes/Modify/", "1,5,2" and "1,5,4" respectively?
Should they not be "1,2,5" and "1,4,5"?
Thank you!
Hi Christophe and Mike,

Thanks a lot for the explanations!
I have benefited from them.

Meng Tan

I have 2 questions regarding URL rewriting and need your help.

First question is:
What is the difference between HttpServletResponse.encodeURL() and HttpServletResponse.encodeRedirectURL(), apart from the fact that 1 is used for encoding a URL for redirect and the other is for any other purposes? Why is there a distinction between them, when both are just appending 'jsessionid' to the URL. Isn't HttpServletResponse.encodeURL()is sufficient for use with encoding of redirect URLs?

Second question is:
Why are HttpServletResponse.encodeURL() and HttpServletResponse.encodeRedirectURL() methods of HttpServletResponse, and not HttpServletResquest? Since the jsessionid is obtained from either cookie or the rewritten URL, and they are part of request, shouldn't both encoding methods be in HttpServletResquest instead? Isn't this more OO?

Thank you!

Meng Tan
Hi all,

Today I took the SCBCD 5 upgrade exam and scored 100%.
The last time I took the SCBCD 1.3 exam in 2003, I scored 98%.

I would like to thank everyone in this forum, especially Christophe Verre, for helping during my preparation.

The following is how I have prepared for the exam:
- Read Oreilly EJB3 (chapters 1 to 17; didnt complete the excercises)
- Read the Core and Persistence specifications (didnt complete everything)
- Read Mikalai Zaikin's SCBCD 5.0 Guide
- Do Enthuware SCBCD 5 tests (5 tests)
- Do Sun SCBCD 5 ePractice tests (2 tests)
- Read Raghavendra Balgi's Last Minute Notes

I was preparing for PMP at the same time as I prepared for SCBCD 5 and spent an average of 1 month each for both exams.
I passed PMP also.

Thanks again!

Meng Tan

"a" and "b" are definitely correct.
"c" and "e" are definitely wrong.

As for "d", an IllegalStateException will be thrown if an prohibited method of session context is called.
IllegalStateException is a RuntimeException and should cause bean to be discarded without calling @PreDestroy.
But if you consider the possibility of the bean catching the exception in a try/catch block and does not rethrow any SystemException then "d" can be wrong as an answer.
Of course, you can also argue that the same exception handling can be done for scenario of "a" which makes it wrong as an answer too.

Meng Tan