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Recent posts by vaibhav punekar

I am selecting the area of a component by mouse click and in the "mouseReleased" method I am taking "GraphicsContext " of that component.Using this "g",I am drawing a rectangle of selected area size.It is displayed when I select the area for the second time.First time hte component disappears for a fraction of a second and then it reappears.
So can anybody throw some light on it?I want user to be known about his area selection everytime he selects the area.
public void mouseReleased(MouseEvent me)
Graphics g=visualComponent.getGraphics();
Also there is paint method that has "Graphics g" parameter as usual.
22 years ago
It might seem some what specific problem but does anybody has any idea about how to select a particular area from the "visualcomponent" of "Java Media Framework(JMF)"?I wish to select the area after grabbing frames.After display I wish to select region of interest on which i wish to focus later on.I am displaying the component on "Frame".
22 years ago
I understand your feeling Sean. There are n no. of "ranch handers" who are there.I think they are also posting and getting their count increasing. I do not know the criteria but the quality of posting also is one factor.One good point of this system is that it develops competition among ranch handers.
everybody has hope that one day or the other he will receive invitation from moderators. with this hope they keep posting.they have "personal gain intention".But by doing this they unknowingly help many others who visit this site to seek help.
I hope one you wil receive invitation.but please continue might help many others in doing that.
22 years ago
Sorry Bill for congratulating you so late.But I have not been around for quite some time.
I really appreciate your will to help others.I have received prompt replies for my queries from you particularly about "JSP tag library in Tomcat" which I have not been able to achieve yet.
Din't these selfish "moderators and bartenders" offer you promotion?I think you must have refused it,isn't it?
I would have certainly given up had they not offered me promotion.just kidding.
22 years ago
Thanks Peter,
Do you mean that for each "ORDER" there would be unique "NUMBER"?
I got the point that the multiple record field should be separated.But then again in the second table same thing will arise that is updating it from the outside.
Thanks Bjarki.
By the way how should we pronounce your name?I know you guys also might be finding our names tricky to be pronounced.
So is it that people are shifting to TYPE3 and TYPE4?Or TYPE2 is pretty ok as far as reusability and perfonmance goes.
So Peter,
is it that if we get database query results in XML format,we save the trips to database.Ultimately when we parse the document and make any changes to it does it get reflected in database automatically?I don't think so.They need to go through a parser to the database.
Please correct if I am wrong.
The only problem it may give is of the warnings while compiling.
Particularly with the date classes.The warnings are all about the deprecated methods.
Various options I would put forward:
SERVLETS and JDBC:Java servlet programming: -----Oreilly
SERVLETS JSP JDBC:Core Servlets and JAVA SERVER PAGES :----Sun press Hall's book
JDBC RMI :Core Java Vol.2
JSP and JDBC: Professional JSP:----------Wrox.
Does it mean that though TYPE3 and TYPE4 are generic in the sense client does not have to make much changes,affect the performance particularly speed as it goes through series of interfaces?Or is it that these issues are handled by the servers
such as Weblogic.
You defended yourself well Bjarki.your explanation was wel quoted.thanks for the explanation.
By the way,Vipul,I have a gut feeling that WROX books are damn good.I blindly go for a WROX book because I know it is not written by a single author and all the authors are experts and having real life experiences.So at least I won't doubt the credibility of WROX.
But when it comes to opening and closing connection regularly and when the session management is the issue,I think Properties file is a good idea to go about evenif you have a routine statements like insert,update,alter etc.It saves a lot of time for the developer who is working on the changes.
Also it is rquired to write a separate class when the client requirement is to have multi-vendor compatibility.Because in that case we can not rely wholly on database dependent properties file.
Am I right Peter?Thanks for the reply and the links.
I think you just replaced JDBC:ODBC with JDBC:ORACLE keeping DSN name as it is.What Anil suggests is right.There is no DSN name as such Instead we have driver type.
You can download/copy one database to the other with ease if you are using SQL or ORACLE.They have the option of import/export database in management console.It will just ask for the location of the table,username password if any and start downloading.
Isn't it easy?You can even download the database of two different vendors.