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Recent posts by Alvin Tang

Can anyone suggest any book that covers Struts & EJB as well as how they integrate together, or any book with examples / codes illustrating the integration?

Many thanks
Actually I am not new to EJB, servlets and Struts. I just want to find a suitable book so that I can refer to when I prepare the course materials. Have anyone come across any single book that include some examples integrating Struts and EJB?
18 years ago
Thanks Merrill. But what about any single book on Struts and EJB?
18 years ago
Can anyone suggest any book that covers Struts, EJB and possibly servlet as well as how they integrate together.

Many thanks
18 years ago
Sorry, I think I cannot express the question clearly.

"AJAX compared with tailor-made codes" means comparing with some general DHTML/Javascript written specifically for a web page, how is AJAX's performance?

I want to know the performance of using AJAX compared with tailor-made codes. How much memory resources is required solely for AJAX?

Is there any tests carried out that measure the performance or is there any benchmarking?
[ November 15, 2005: Message edited by: Alvin Tang ]
Hello Dan,

Can you tell me what reference books did you read to prepare for the IBM 486 certification?
I'm in HK and preparing Part II.
[ November 24, 2004: Message edited by: Alvin Tang ]
Hi Peter,

Can you tell me what reference books/materials do you use to prepare the exam?

Thanks in advance.
What a pity! No one responds to my topic.
I just know that screen scrapper can be used for web-based system in addition to mainframe system. I think it is an appropriate solution since there is no need to change the code in the Frequent Flyer mileage system (FFMS). Direct access to the database of FFMS is possible but this approach requires more effort in development and testing since the existing business logic written in Perl should not be reused, we need to write java code having similar business logic to access & update the Oracle DB.

Don't know if it is right and any comments are welcomed.
I want to ask you a few questions:
1 Do you mind to tell me how do you access the Frequent Flyer mileage system? Did you use screen scrapper?
2. Do you use EJB1.1 or EJB2.0
3. How do you access the database, DAO or Entity bean?

Thanks very much.
Anybody know whether screen scrapper is used to access Mainframe green screen terminal only? Can it be used to access a web-based system written in Perl?
if the itenary is A->B->C, since A->B is a segment and B->C is another segment, the requirement spec. already said that the total price is equal to the summation of indiviudual segment, so I think that 'flat price per destination' should be rephrased as 'flat price per segment'. If 'flat price per destination' implies that the price is the same for A->B->C and A->D->C, then the ticket of an itenary from A->B is not of the same price as the ticket which is a segment of another itenary A->B->C.

Imagine if the price is irregardless of the route from a point to a destination, then there is no need to do add the price for individual segment.
Can any SCEA tell me which version of EJB did you use in your assignment?
Thanks in advance!