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hi reetinder,
well all the scjp related sites do not offer a download, but you have several mock exams to download for.. also some of the mocks come with useful info also
I too need some good info on inner classes..
some good notes may help the cause..,
Hi ,
I certainly think so, giving an scjp is almost a must now, i think so bcoz due to the current slump it is a very hard situation to stay ahead of others and being a sun certified certainly helps..
think so.
yes good effort from Anil bach , it was a nice idea to put all things needed for scjp and give it as a download, so that it saves time and efforts of people preparing for scjp.
thanks to him on my behalf too..
The priority is the same as the priority of the thread that creates it...
A thread inherits the priority of its parent thread.
Thanks John.
21 years ago
when you calles x.display() execution will transfer to class s1 display() function and here value of s is "s1".
class Test {
Test() { k = 2; }
int j = 1;
int i = j;
int k;
First variables initiallization take place and after that excecution of constructor.
1. j=1, i=1 and k=0(default)
2. After constructor execution k=2
I have to give my first telephone interview(technical).
The interview will be technical, they will ask me some questions about Metro code warrior, c, C++.
The job is for Palm OS programmer.
Can you guys give me some TIPS and some sample questions?
21 years ago
Yes Steivie is right and also the given answer(e). As its on JVM that which thread get execution first. You can not predict output just running once.
Congrats !! Pooja, good score.
Good Luck for Future.
21 years ago
The answer is b.
for Math.max() and Math.min -0.0 and +0.0 are different
for equality -0.0 is equal to +0.0
the output you get is -0.0, 0.0 ,true
Hi Kaffo,
The code given by you will not compile becoz of
Integer i = 100;
Integer i1 = 100
as Integer is a wrapper class , not a primitive so first make correction like :
class EqualsTest{
public static void main(String arg[]){
String a = "Test";
String a1 = "Test";
Integer i = new Integer(100);
Integer i1 = new Integer(100);
System.out.println("a.equals(a1) " + a.equals(a1));
System.out.println("i.equals(i1) " + i.equals(i1));
System.out.println(a == a1);
System.out.println(i == i1);

The output for this is :
Both Wrapper class and string class overrride equals() method thats why first two will give true.
As strings are created in string pool not on heap thats why third is true.
String str = "abc;"
Sring str1 = "";
str1+str2 : Constructs a new string on heap(Not string Pool)
(str1+str2).intern() : Put this string in a string Pool not on heap.
System.out.println(str == (str1 + str2).intern());
As they are pointed to same string in string pool therefore it prints true.
If you remove intern() it will print false.
Congrats!1 Tushar.
Happy Colorful holi to you also
21 years ago